Sunday, July 17, 2011

family vacation details and video to come. but for tonight i love my sisters. my parents and my nephews. my brother in law's too. it has been a little bit crazy here. life feels very much out of routine. i think that's just what happens in the summer. we got home from williamsburg yesterday and our house was immaculate. thanks to justin. but that lasted all of ten minutes. i just can not seem to get ahead. i can not fit it all in or do everything i want to do. i know that is normal. i just sometimes feels like too much. but it's not like i want it any other way. it is just busy. but good busy. full of all things i love. tomorrow is the young life golf tournament, packing for college girl reunion (so excited) and campaigners. with all the little details of life in between.  
for tonight it is folding laundry. returning some emails. writing something for a friend and going to bed. i never want to sound dramatic. people are much busier than me and i know that. chances are i will wind up going to bed once i hit publish and getting up early instead. yup that sounds about right.
my sisters and i in colonial williamsburg with my family.


  1. such a good picture! You look so healthy and HAPPY! :)

  2. great picture of you and your sisters! looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  3. Way to represent some CAbi!! Lol! Seeing your relationship with your sisters always makes me wish I had at least one. But despite that, I'm thankful that your sister is the next best thing to me, my sister-in-law! :) Hope your vacation was great! Anxious to hear all about it from the boys!


  4. Libby! You all are so pretty. I hope I can see you soon!

  5. You gals look LOVELY!


  6. Libby I didn't realize you are one of three girls...I am too. It's a lot of fun! Well, not when were in high school fighting over clothes and the car. :). Anyways, I saw a plaque the other day on pinterest (so fun-check it out if you haven't!) that said "please excuse the mess...the children are making memories". I want to get that! So, be encouraged by your mess, it is just a memory being made!
    Stacey O'D


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