Saturday, July 16, 2011

young life camp.

it is one of our most favorite weeks of the year. we took a hundred students from grassfield high school to camp. it is such a joy and so exhausting. but in a good way. a good tired. like it's worth it. so worth it to stay up late and talk and get up real early to meet with other leaders and share our hearts.

this was my first time leading in a year and a half. it felt so good to be back. this is our element. this is where justin and i shine. or we hope we do. Christ in us. our good friend john told awesome it was to see me running hard with girls. literally (camp felt a little more physically draining this year. the hill on the obstacle course. enough said.)  but also just living life with high school girls for a week. in a cabin. sleeping on the floor on mattresses because our cabin was so big. living in disarray. just like i always remembered. so messy and so crazy. but so good. it is such a unique opportunity to really get to know girls in such an intentional way. we did everything together. slept. ate meals. went on the slide. the blog. the zipline. road mountain bikes. we were the worst and the girls loved it. it was such a glimpse of these girls hearts. no complaining no questions. they trusted me. took risks. did things they did not think they could do. but they did. even that scary ropes course. we all did it. that was confirmation that i really did not have cancer anymore. i am physically back to myself. what a joy.
before we even got to camp we took all the students on a "little" hike. it was not the easiest thing but the view was incredible.
my sweet cabin of sailors. great idea ally i thought we looked great. i am currently loving all things nautical. and who won the spirit award? grassfield girls!
although not everyone loves the rope course you all did it. i love that.

yes my cabin dunked me in the dunk tank and it was freezing. it helped that justin got dunked right before me. so we were cold together. but it was fun. if getting dunked into freezing cold water is fun. 
pebbles branch. you will always be a very special cabin to me. the first group of girls since cancer and having ava. it was a joy. all of it. thanks for allowing me to experience this week with you all.
it felt good to be back. so good. i had fun. laughed more than i had in a while. danced. i like to dance. even though i look like a fool. i love it. the freedom it brings. yes i am 27 and hanging in a cabin with a bunch of high schools. but it is my heart. we did life together. for one week we did real life together. we will keep doing that too even at home. walking alongside each other. one of the best things about young life camp is that you all go there together and go home together. sharing memories and moments that no one can take away from you. the Lord worked in huge ways this week. differently for everyone. The Lord meeting them where they are at. where i am at.  that is what makes the Lord we serve so personal. keep going after what's real girls. i promise it is worth it.

young life camp. best week of your life.


  1. thank you so much for sharing libby, I continue to be excited hearing and reading about how the Lord is using your family to share His love with young people. SO SO SO encouraging!

  2. I am so glad that camp was a blessing for you and I know you were a wonderful blessing to all the young people you ministered to while you were there. I hope God will gather a great harvest from all the seeds that were planted there.

    I continue to pray for you recovery.

    I love my safety green Team Libby T-shirt for walking my dogs. Someone actually stopped and said GREAT SHIRT you really show up.

  3. i love this post!! young life camp is the best, i miss it every summer!!!


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