Thursday, July 7, 2011

everyone needs to experience a week at a young life camp. there is nothing like it.

this is always how it goes. ava is asleep and i should be sleeping. i basically got about 4-5 hours a night at camp and ran hard all day. it was incredible. it was joy. it was life. more to come on this past week at camp. needless to say students lives were changed. forever. there high schools will be different forever. we pray it changed everything.

today we rest. no emails or phone calls really. trying to just be. really rest before this month takes off. it is going to be a crazy one.

ava did great. more than great. she loved being with her roma and aunt marlene. more to come on that too. baby girl was not sure what to do when she say me this morning. took her a second to wrap her around the fact that it was me. but then she smiled. so big and ran to me. she did not leave my side until her nap. she is sleeping now i need to sleep too.

thanks for your prayers. it was truly a life changing week. in so many ways. there is nothing else i would rather do. this was week was big for me. i am seeing more and more how cancer has changed me. this week reflected that in so many ways. more to come. i like to keep you hanging. off to nap.

big blog post tomorrow.

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  1. Libby,
    So glad to hear all went well with little Ava. So tough to leave them.
    I love the part where she doesn't leave your side until nap. Missed.her.mama.

    Rest up!


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