Thursday, June 30, 2011

july sponsors. we love the summer. enjoy these great offers.

it's a great month. we love july. but it is so hot and so busy for us. young life camp trip. family vacation with my family. college reunion for me with my five best friends who i only see like once a year at the most. a wedding. a golf tournament. it is going to be so good and so busy. but we all know life is busy. so let us simply embrace it.

we head to young life camp tomorrow night with close to 180 students from high schools in chesapeake. it has been two years since i led a cabin. it needs to be said...I CAN NOT WAIT. it is my heart. i love the late nights. the adventures. talking about life and Christ and how it all fits together for these high school girls. for the rest of their lives. it is an incredible gift. i wish everyone got the chance. i get to do it with my husband and some of my closest friends. please pray for us at camp. lives will be changed forever in the next seven days.

but i could not leave for a week without introducing you to some BRAND NEW sponsors and some of our FAVORITES. check it out. seriously. i would not lead you astray.

we have two new sponsor this month: Juliethefish designs. i pretty much love everything she makes. it is mostly all custom jewelry. i love custom. dates. names. initials and so much more. check it out. i am sure you will love it as much as i do. there is a necklace in my future for sure.
another new friend is from Scentsy. these candles are amazing. they actually do not have a flame or wick. they smell pretty much incredible. i got one as gift last fall and our house smelled like cinnamon roles. they are real safe which is great. ava actually touched the wax on accident and i waited for a scream. nothing happened. it is not hot enough to hurt or burn. we just peeled the wax off and that was it.obsessed.i would get one if i were you.

returning this month are some of our favorites. One Delightful Button is back. katie is a friend too and an almost momma. so fun. we love babies. her products are being sold at some young life camps this summer. that is awesome. so great to be able to watch her company grow and grow. Neve Inspired. kris and i are friends now. we emailed yesterday about how fun it would be to live in the same town. justin and i need to head to charleston because i hear it is pretty incredible little town and i want to meet kris. she made these adorable purple and grey dresses with some great pockets for ava and my niece ava. see HERE. gotta love it.
A few years ago one of my friends wore a simple necklace hand stamped with her son’s name.  I loved it and thought, “Maybe I could make that.” That is how the journey of juliethefish designs began.  Now I spend late night hours hammering away while my loved ones sleep.  juliethefish designs is an online shop full of handmade, custom keepsakes.  Each piece is created uniquely with your personalized information.  I am honored to make hand stamped keepsakes for customers all over the world.  I am inspired by their lives, the stories they share, and their occasions for giving. please visit the website at   .During the month of July please use the coupon code LIBBY711 at Etsy checkout to receive 10% off your order!
 Scentsy offers wickless candles and so much more. Being wickless means no flame, no smoke, and no soot. Scentsy candles are safe for homes with children and pets because they do not produce enough heat to burn and the warmers are safe to leave on 24 hours a day, just as you would a night light. There are 3 sizes of warmers to choose from with a variety of styles to fit any decor. And with over 80 scented waxes to choose from, you'll never get bored! And for the little one in your life, check out the Scentsy Buddy, an adorable stuffed animal that your child will love. Visit for more details and contact me directly for the special I'm offering to DWYC readers! I have been an Independent Consultant for Scentsy for over a year now and because I love the products so much!
It all started when I found a jar of old buttons at an antique store.  I knew there had to be some fun things I could do with these vintage buttons.  My shop features jewelry, accessories and other fun things all surrounding the buttons.  All the items are handmade by me & come packaged ready for gift giving. Please feel free to contact me about custom requests. This month receive 10% off my shop by typing "libby" as the coupon code.

Neve Inspired is a handmade children's clothing company by husband and wife design team Bob and Kris Galmarini.  It was born out of the simple, pure joy their daughter, Neve, and all children experience on a daily basis {hence the name Neve Inspired}.  Building on the desire to keep the art of hand screen printing alive, Neve Inspired is a growing collection of super soft, eco friendly HAND screen printed t-shirts for boys and girls as well as custom skirts and dresses for the little ladies.  We are incredibly excited for the growth of our brand and are looking forward to incorporating our shirts into a full clothing line within the next year {fingers crossed}.  Please visit our website {} to keep up with our growing line of frocks and don't forget to become a fan of Neve Inspired on Facebook for discount codes, drawings, and an overall good read.

we are off to camp in like an hour. there maybe some posts on the blog while i am gone. depends how crazy camp is. if not i am sure we will return from camp with lots to share. can't wait. enjoy your friday. i miss ava already.


  1. I hope camp and your cabin goes amazingly well, I know it will! Have fun! Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Great sponsors!

    I'm your newest follower! :)

  3. Have a great week! I am almost 18 and have been following your blog and so wish I could be part of your Young Life group as there are none around here

    Can't wait to hear about your week.

  4. Libby,
    I really can't wait to hear about camp and how it all was for you. Not sure when you're going to read this, but please know that I am praying for you, your cabin, and for girls to receive Christ. If they do cardboard testimonies...I wish I could be there to see you. It makes me cry just typing it. Praying for God to use you mightily for Him.
    Love, Aimee


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