Saturday, June 11, 2011

panama city beach.

hopefully you all figured that the lack of blogging meant we were having too fun. it was true. that and no laptop and still trying to figure out my new iphone (thanks again floyds).

but it was an incredible week. i will write more about that tomorrow or maybe tonight. we are currently sitting in the airport waiting for our next flight. thankfully little ava is sound asleep in the stroller thanks to her daddy. he took her on a long walk around the airport.

justin is thinking about starting up a little video business. well not little. hopefully it will be huge one day. he really has a gift. he spent a lot of this free time this week creating a video of our entire vacation. its pretty incredible. he made one last year and now our family is hooked. we need a family video for every vacation. they are priceless.

justin just sat down next to me and said, "i want this to be your best blog post yet." well i am not ready for that. i am cold and real sleepy. but tonight. back at the river house when we are upstairs relaxing. then it will come. i know it.

but this week was huge for me. just the gift that it is to be alive and to be with family. to celebrate. run after kids (i will not pretend to be super mom. i for sure get real tired of running after ava who is afraid of nothing. but i would run after her forever.) play in the pool. sit on the beach at sunset...the best part of the day in my opinion. baths with ava after a long sandy day on the beach. walking around pier park. dinner outside. i love eating outside. and so much more. there are moments when i forget. forget that i was ever sick. but it's when i sit back and reflect and think about what could have been. i get a lump in my throat. take a deep breath and remember that is not how it ended. but with life and beaches and family and playing in the ocean. watching ava explore and learn and say words for the first time. like vater for water. or ack for jack. or pop pop for pop pop. or whatever it is she says for airplanes. not sure how to spell that. but she loves airplanes and helicopters. the resort offered helicopter rides and she watched them in awe all day long.
it was good. so good. i have a hard time returning to life back at home and responsibilities and schedules. so i wont do it yet. but instead eat airport food. play on my phone. and think about this past week and all that it meant to me. justin. ava. and our entire family.

enjoy. best video yet. thanks babe. i love you.



  1. Wow! Justin really does have a talent with videos! You should probably have warned us about needing a tissue! Sooo thankful for your healing and your life!

  2. what a sweet video, Libby! looks like a wonderful vacation, I'm so glad you guys could all get together:)

  3. p.s. my mom loved the earrings I ordered her from Stella Bella Boutique!!

  4. It was a wonderful week indeed. Having you there, healed and vibrant, was by far the highlight.
    I went ahead and clicked on the video for the 20th time in 24 hours. It is so dear to me.
    New header coming soon!
    Love you. So much.

  5. i loved every second of this video. seriously- it shows me how important family is. love you libby- im glad you didnt miss this bc of cancer.

  6. It is so great to see you so happy and healthy and loving being a mom. I continue to praise God for your healing.

  7. Praising God for you, Libby. SO glad you enjoyed a wonderful vacation with your family. Tears of joy as I watched the video.. you are truly a blessing. thank you for sharing.


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