Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i just love her.

a couple weeks ago our entire backyard was full of students and their families taking prom pictures. and this was ava. just observing and running around like a crazy little girl. she loves her wagon. borderline obsessed. but who can blame her really. she sits down and someone else...usually her mommy and daddy pull her. must be nice. you are one precious little girl. sorry about what i said tonight. about my life not being my own and that it's sometimes hard to get anything done. it is hard to get anything done. but i am proud to be your momma. thank you for this picture lauren. i love it.


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  2. Don't worry - I think most of us that are moms repeat those words . .. there are days I "hide" in the bathroom after my husband gets home just to get some time without boys pulling on me. I love my kids but somedays push me to the limit . . .than I wake up better the next day hahaha (ps. this comment isn't a span - the above three kinda sound like it!!)

  3. Ahhh, the guilt of motherhood. Try not to feel bad when you have one of those "I have no life, other than kids" moments. We all have them. I had the thought this week that motherhood is the only job you can't be fired from or quit (well, not counting the kids who go to court to get legal emancipation from their parents and the parents who just leave their kids...I am talking about the normal moms of the world). It is a rewarding job, but also extremely exhausting and guilt-inducing. I don't know you, but I can tell through your writing and pictures that Ava is loved. That is all that really matters. She is loved. The rest is all semantics.

  4. She is beyond adorable.

    I added your blog url to my sidebar because I love it. I hope that is ok with you.

    Hugs from me and my Ava.

  5. She has gotten SO big!! Seriously, you two have the cutest little girl :)


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