Wednesday, June 15, 2011

celeb status. i am joking. seriously. i am not that cool.

on our way to flordia last week we almost missed our connection. not because we had a short layover but because we decided to sit down and eat lunch at tootsies in the nashville airport and get starbucks. as we were walking to our gate i realized our flight was boarding. justin went ahead with ava and i got the tags for the stroller. as i am walking up to give my boarding pass to the attendant i realized i was the last official person to get on this plane. as i was walking to my seat someone says to me..."are you libby?" to which i say, "yes, i am." "i thought it was you. i saw ava and then i saw you. i read your blog." i asked what her name was and said something like thank you for the reading the blog. i was in a bit of a panic and little distracted since there was only one seat left on the plane. so justin and i could not sit together but he right in front of me. then the flight attendant gets on the speaker and says, "the plane is too full (overweight) and three people need to get off. so if you have flexible travel plans we can get you on a later flight OR this is when i secretly freak out..."the last three people that got on the plane will need to get off." um, that was me and we did not really have flexible travel plans nor was southwest able to get us to panama city that day. so 5-10 minutes pass and they are really encouraging people to volunteer but no one does. i am still freaking out plus justin and i are passing ava back and forth because girl is going nuts. middle of her nap time. finally. this couple with a young children plus she is pregnant volunteer. talk about real nice people. the bonus was that they were sitting next to justin so when they got off we got three seats to ourselves. incredible since ava was totally "that" kid on the airplane. not the whole time but she definitely had her moments of screaming. not crying. screaming. i was a little embarrassed. when you are flying and a child is crying. try not to get mad or annoyed with the parents. they too wish their child was not screaming on the airplane. i have gotten looks before from do something. and i think to myself clearly i am doing and have done whatever i can to keep this little girl entertained, fed, and distracted during this entire flight. thankfully for ava her little fit only lasted a few minutes and other than that she did so well on all the flights. i digress. so after getting settled in i go back to talk with ashley.  we chatted a bit. she had seen our blog posted on facebook and that's how she started reading. she is from missouri i think. but it was just so cool to meet someone i did not know who reads the blog. thanks for introducing yourself ashley and following our story. means a lot. justin even snapped a quick picture of us with our girls at baggage claim. clearly ava was not interested in getting her photo taken.
yay for finally arriving in panama city. beach pictures to come...

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  1. The first photo on this post made me think of you!

    Have a great "today"!


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