Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a little party and some crafty decor.

i have always loved the idea of entertaining and hosting parties. since we have been married it has been so important to us to create a home where people want to be. where they feel comfortable and relaxed. when we moved into the river house i knew we finally had a home where we could host parties and have more people over. no matter where we have lived or where we will live in the future i think no matter how big or small your home is you can create a place where people want to be. where they feel safe. where memories can be made. however the river house finally gave us the space we have always lacked before. since we moved into our home a few days before chemo our house was more of a place to heal. for caretakers to come. but now it's ready for entertaining and last night we did just that. we hosted a bridal shower for our friend ally. for the past week or so i have spent most of my free time. i.e when ava was asleep working on the shower. running errands. cutting out letters. using the glue gun. cutting flowers. collecting rocks (thank goodness we have hundreds all around the house). cleaning (thank you barbara). making tissue poms (thanks to katie and queeny). went to party city to blow up balloons. which ava loved having 12 balloons in the back seat with her as we drove home. do not worry she did not suck on them i know balloons are a serious chocking hazard. it has been so life giving to me. i called sara yesterday to talk decor. since she throws a mean party (examples ava's first birthday HERE). i said i can not believe how much work i have put into this party. in a good way. i have truly loved it. i can only imagine what i will want to do when it is for ava. sadly her birthday is in january so unless it is a freak weather day we can not utilize the porch and the beauty of being outside on the water. but i have loved this. hanging out upstairs with justin as i cut out my twenty fourth circle for the "happy wedding" banner. sitting with friends making tissue poms and name tags for food and trying to be as thrifty as possible. which i was really able to do thanks to the dollar store. i was shocked at what i found.

so for today this blog is a craft blog. because i am so excited about how everything turned out and what a fun night it was. being with friends that i love so dearly. amazing weather. a super helpful husband and some great ladies who brought food. that was pretty incredible. sad to those who missed it. you were surely missed. thanks for coming. a party is not really a party without guests. so you all made it happen. happy wedding ally and josh.

enjoy the party through pictures...then you can pretend you were there if you want to.

(i am not a photographer. so i know the lighting is not that great and i could crop the photos but i didn't. thanks leslie for taking some pictures. even with a cast)
there is an I above that do. for i do.
it said happy wedding
the bride.
yup it was that funny.
 it was a great great night.

justin was real helpful with everything and even took a little video footage from the party. check it out. i am bias but it's good.
check out the video from the party HERE.

if you care. details on decor.
where i bought stuff and how much it cost. might be helpful and good for people to know how reasonable it is to decorate if you are willing to cut circles and use lots of hot glue.

white tissue poms (google it to watch video on how to make them). paper from dollar store. two packets for $1 each made 6 poms. fishing line and wire.
luminaries. 30 bags $1 dollar store. cut out H from a sponge and dipped in white paint. tea light candles from micheals. pack of 50 for $2.50. rocks to hold the bags in place.
pack of 15 white balloons from walmart $1. blown up at party city for 50 cents a piece.
design paper used on everything. $10 for a HUGE pack of paper from micheals. 
brown craft paper. $3 for pretty big pack.
twine $3.
mason jars borrowed from our sweet friend ali.
battered powered lanterns from ali too. (aaa batteries from dollar store).
letters printed from martha
white mums i got as a gift and cut pieces for all the mason jars.
rocks from our backyard. wrote on with white chalk.
banner around porch is wrapping paper from dollar store $1. hot glue to twine.
cups, plates. napkins $1 each from dollar store.
pictures on window. took from ally's facebook page and printed at walmart. 19 cents a piece.
white paper circles. two packets. $1.50 each.
yellow garland on table. 50 cents from party city.
fabric on food table. random piece at fabric store. $2.

i think that is it. any questions email me

last thing. some people asked how justin did that video from our vacation. the one of just ava. it is a feature on his iphone. 8mm old school type footage. pretty cool we think.


  1. Super Cute!! Well done!! I love to throw a party & I love your crafty side!! This post is a good distraction as I wait to se if yet another dear friend has cancer...

  2. Libby- words cannot express my gratitude. everything was absolutely perfect. thank you so much. love you and Ryder for helping us through this and marrying us and doing this bridal shower for me was just the sweetest. it turned out better than i could have imagined. i did feel so so loved. thanks for the post and the video- it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. much needed relaxing night.

  3. Dang! Martha Ryder!
    Everything looked gorgeous. Glad you had great weather.
    My favorite...the cup labels! Too cute.
    Glad you are getting into entertaining. It's a great way to love people (at least I think so.)

  4. Gorgeous missy! I loved seeing you play miss hostess and I must say you did a fabulous job and for not a lot of money. Great job :)

  5. Great party Lib! And you look great! So looking forward to seeing you in less than a month!

  6. the cup labels were my favorite! I've seen people use chalkboard paint to do that as well. Your house is beautiful!

  7. Your house is beautiful and the decorations looks amazing! Top favorites: cup labels and window frame with pictures!! I've seen that before and love it! Also, can you share the caprese bites recipe?
    Congrats on a fun party! (and I love that Katie Hackett too) Always fun to see familiar faces! :)

  8. you look beautiful, libby!! i can't get over how gorgeous you look! what a wonderful shower you had!! you rock! very cute decorations!

  9. in this way they will teach young women to show love to their husbands...titus 2:4 oh how evident this is a desire of your heart for younger women. praise Jesus!

  10. Such a pretty party! I love the sweet softness in the decor of the party - actually, in your overall style sense. Elegant, beautiful and unique! Huge congrats to Ally The Bride!! :)


  11. Those caprese bites are a great idea! I have never seen them before.. I will def have to kee those in mind. Thanks for sharing :-)

  12. Libby, so much love and time went into making this event so special for Ally. It was spectacularly beautiful!!!! What a gift you gave to your sweet friend. So glad I got to be part of it.

  13. I just had a chance to watch your vacation video. It was sooo good! And I noticed that y'all stayed at the Aqua in PCB ( I think)... We're here right now!! Funny! Love all your ideas for the shower and I really love your hair! It's super cute!

  14. your mother would be so proud! i remember the great shower she threw for me over 13 yrs ago. its in your blood!

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  16. it all looked so proud of your crafty side! glad that party went so well :)


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