Thursday, June 23, 2011

it's a nice night.

just a little river view for you. enjoy your night. trying to write but instead i am watching just go with it. it's funny. i will try again tomorrow.


  1. That view is beautiful!! What a great place to raise a little girl :)

  2. seriously that is a gorgeous photo!!! what a beautiful place to live. i would be sitting out there every.single.night :)

    i recently saw just go with it had its funny parts. :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!! What a beautiful place to live and the view!

    You could totally sell that picture!! :) I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  4. So funny that we have been looking at each others blogs and only know each other indirectly:)I didn't know you had been following ours until you commented the other day. I have been following your blog throughout your journey and I have to say you have such an amazing faith and I am so glad God took you through this with a great outcome. You also have an adorable little girl! (funny we were going to name our first child Ava, if he had been a girl)... and that picture above makes me a little jealous of where you live:)


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