Saturday, April 9, 2011

the petting farm.

my friend melissa and i headed to a local petting farm on thursday. it was the perfect day. sunny but not too hot. we decided to go after nap time so both kiddos would be ready to play. well ava decided not to do that. after singing in her crib for nearly two hours i finally got out her out because we needed to go. we ate a quick lunch and loaded the car. i was a little hesitant because this was the first time in her life she has not taken a nap and i knew that she would probably not make it until we got home. but hoped she would sleep in the car or the stroller if needed. we picked up melissa and her little boy gray and headed out. after being in the car two minutes ava was screaming. i knew she would be tried but i thought she would just fall asleep. but she decided not to sleep but instead scream. and ava does not really do as i sat in front with melissa talking about how..."sometimes you just need to break the schedule and let them cry it out..." easy to say but hard to do when she was hysterical in the back seat. she would take her water, a cookie, nothing! i kept thinking during our thirty minute drive she would fall asleep, but she was not interested. we arrive and i put her in her stroller because i thought that would help her fall asleep. but instead she screamed because she wanted to be held. also not like ava since she is pretty independent and does not particularly love to be held. so the petting zoo started with this...ava in her stroller. finally settled down. never slept but eventually stopped crying. i was bummed because i knew she would love the animals. this little girl is fearless. but instead we walked around as we soon found out gray was not to into the animals that much either. he preferred the tractor.
after walking around for a bit we took a little pit stop for snacks and a diaper change. i decided to get her out and let her explore. she did great. she did a 180. totally back to her normal self.
she gets a little confused whenever her hands get dirt on them.
 girl wanted in that chicken coop...
and she made it. it was cute and gross at the same time. proud of her for not fearing the chickens. but a little nasty because she crawled through chicken poop. she loved it.
yes she likes to sit in the trough where the chickens and roosters eat. 

gray wanted to try too.
 the best part yet. after a tough start to the farm she pulled it together and played. played hard. but within minutes she was out. there is something very precious to me when i look back and see my baby fast asleep after a long fun day.
after a fairly peaceful drive home (minus gray yelling. not crying just wanted to make sure we knew he was still there). we dropped off melissa and gray. thanks for a fun day! we headed home. before we got there i talked to justin and he was working at starbucks on a paper so we brought him dinner. and ava got her first ice cream cone. she pretty much loved it. just like her daddy and mommy do.

it was a good day. one of those days that even while its happening you know it's something you will never forget. it was special. i texted my sister later that night...
i wanted to share with you that today i felt alive. at the petting farm with ava and getting her first ice cream cone. just thankful that i am alive. as cheesy as it is just all such a gift.  


  1. one of my favorite posts! sounded like an awesome day & such a fun stage ava is in right now. totally a gift from the Lord.

  2. Awwwww LOVE this!!! :)
    kisses for Ava!

  3. Oh my gosh these pictures are so precious. Especially the one where Ava is squatting down looking at the goat. I wish I could have seen her playing with the all the animals! She's the cutest. And I'm glad you had a fun day :) It sounds like it was so great.

  4. loving all the pictures Libby! glad you guys had a good day!

  5. Gosh, Ava is so gorgeous and sweet! I can't wait to experience all of these fun things with our new daughter here in a couple of months!

  6. ava...i am so glad you got to play with the animals! u are so precious to us...we love you...

  7. turned out to be a really fun day :)

  8. Your day looked great and I'm so happy you felt healthy enough to go what a milestone!
    I just wanted to say one thing your sweet precious gorgeous baby girl should be rear facing. The guidelines have been changed and they now say rear facing until at LEAST 2 yrs old. I just assumed you want her to be as safe as possible. You can google the new carseat guidlines.
    Continue to feel good

  9. What a sweet day - and gorgeous children! Praise God for your LIFE Libby!! Praying for many, many more days filled with lots of love and precious memories in the making!


  10. Wow...what a brave girl. I sure am glad she did not hurt any of the animals. Happy for you Lib

  11. Libby- This is my first time visiting your blog and I think I've read everything that I missed from the beginning. You are a brave beautiful women, I'm so happy that I found your blog. You definetely are an inspiration to me!!! Thanks for sharing. It meant a lot :) You can tell where little ava gets the bravery!!! I'm your newest follower... visit my page and follow me at



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