Tuesday, April 26, 2011

from my dad...

first off...thanks for all the emails and responses to the last post. it was real. it was my heart.

secondly...we had a wonderful easter. it was relaxing and fun. will post about that on wednesday.

lastly. but most importantly my mother's surgery went well today. from my dad via text...note to my 3 girls. surgery went well. preliminary pathology report suggests its benign. will have full pathology report on friday. prayers have been answered. love you. thank you to those of you that emailed and sent texts. thank you for caring about my mom. it's incredible. my mom did text me last night to say she was feeling pretty rotten, but had medication to manage her pain. will update as we find out more.

now a little more love from my daddy. i do not call him that usually or ever really. i mean not since i was ten. but i did once when i was sick. cancer brought out the little girl in me for a second. but then i got tough.

so now a little guest post...

Libby had encouraged family members to share our perspective on how her journey through cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery impacted us. As her dad, this has been a journey that I never hope to repeat as I can acknowledge there was nothing more difficult than the day I spent with Libby at one of her chemo treatments. No parent wants to see their child suffer but to see Libby be so courageous was a true inspiration to me. 
I write this note on a beautiful day here in Washington state. It’s the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. This is the time on the Christian calendar when we pause and reflect on the agony and humiliation of Good Friday while living in the hope and knowledge of the fulfillment of God’s promise on Easter Sunday. Libby’s experience over the past year has reminded me that as Christian’s we’re not immune from pain and suffering. However, we possessed hope in Christ that she would be healed from this dread disease. Fortunately, she has been given new life, in more ways than one.
As her dad, I was there, along with her mom, from the beginning. I can confidently and proudly say that Libby was a great daughter who loved life and gave us little cause for worry. Her mom and I strived to be Christian role models for her and her two sisters. Prayers were answered as she professed her faith in Christ and married a Christian young man. I recall challenging Justin to treat Libby with respect and that the most important thing he could do for his children, was to love their mother. Those prayers have been answered as well.  
Life is good and then out of nowhere cancer strikes. My initial reaction was disbelief as this disease strikes other families, not ours. As reality set in, I realized my role was to provide Libby, Justin, and Ava love and support. While most of that support occurred from the other end of the country, her mom and I got to Virginia as time permitted. Regardless of the many challenges to be there, we never doubted Libby’s strength and fortitude as these were characteristics she displayed as a child. I certainly don’t need to spend much time communicating that strength or her love for the Lord. She’s done that effectively throughout the publication of her blog.
While there could be more to share, there are some things that are best left to be pondered in our hearts. I never made comment on her blog but I often texted Libby to tell her how proud I was of her as she traveled this roller coaster road. She has truly been an inspiration to me throughout the past year as I came to realize that she’s stronger than me (she’s also a good writer). Healing has occurred and prayers have been answered. Thanks to the Great Physician, Easter 2011 will be especially special. (and it was) 


  1. What a special post from your dad. I'm so glad things are looking good for your mom too. What he said about you and Justin should mean so much. Sounds like you have a great family.

  2. What a sweet post from your dad. Its funny how your daddy can bring out the little girl in you. I always know if something is bothering me or if im trying to hold something in that will make me cry then I don't need to talk to my dad on the phone or give him a hug in person, because just that will break me. So wonderful that you have such a Godly role model as your father. Not something many can say they have.

  3. Libby,
    I'm a fairly new follower (in the past 6 months) and just want to share that God has truly worked through you as an inspiration in so many ways. I am so encouraged in my walk with Christ as a Christian woman, wife, and one day mother when I read your blog. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and most importantly, your love for and trust in the Lord. Beautiful post by your father. thank you for sharing!

  4. Every girl should have a dad like that!What a blessing both of you are:)

  5. So happy to hear the good news about your mom. I will continue to pray that the final results confirm the preliminary findings! What a great note from your dad too - sounds like you have an amazing family!

  6. so glad it's benign! Your dad's note was really great. thanks for sharing.

  7. Yay! What a beautiful post from your dad!


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