Tuesday, July 31, 2012


home from the beach. laundry is nearly done and put away. we heard our sweet little babes heartbeat this morning. all is well on the baby front. i am 16 weeks and finally beginning to feel more like myself. no more nausea. it is like another life. 

we learned a few things last week. two of those things include: ava is a great swimmer and pretty fearless. secondly she LOVES lip gloss. she simply can not apply just once. constant application is more her style.

4 hour lay over in atlanta. both were busy catching up on emails. 
no ava does not have an iphone or email address. 
she was most likely face-timing with elmo on her ipod.

it was a good week with family and now after a few days of unpacking and catching up on work/life here we will pack up again this weekend and head to MI to celebrate my grandparents wedding anniversary and spend a few days at lake michigan with my family. looking forward to it all.

it has been a while so here you go:

disclaimer: do not miss ava when she rattles off everything she loves...including the trash can. we do not encourage the phrase uncle poot...but it was funny. justin's sister sara had a special little laugh at the end of the video...she was joked all week for her fake laugh and of course it made it onto the video not once or twice...but a lot. enjoy.

***more this week on my heart and thoughts about where we were just two years ago this week.
a cancer diagnosis. fear. doctors. so many unknowns. to where we are now...it really is incredible***


  1. That video is the sweetest and all those beach babies are simply Beautiful!!!

  2. so glad to hear the nausea is over!!! Gives me hope that mine soon is too! Looks like a great trip! Have fun this next week!


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