Friday, July 20, 2012

off we go.

where have i been? let me answer that for you. young life camp with high school girls from turner ashby for a week. incredible week. exhausting. but so good. more to come on that. this has not been the easiest pregnancy. but by no means the worst. just a lot of nausea, throwing up, and fatigue. hence the lack of blogging. i am lucky to shower and get laundry done everyday. but i am doing those things. i am 14 weeks pregnant and so far i am a little bigger than i was with ava and for sure more tired. my mornings are pretty good but the afternoon and evenings seem to be the worst. we find out the end of the august if it is a little girl or boy. ava thinks girl. justin thinks girl. i think girl. so we will see...i will for sure share the news!

now to the important stuff...

a week or so ago our dear friends tommy and ellie (tommy is on young life staff) welcomed there first little man into the world.

let's all meet little tiny tucker:

little tucker decided to make his appearance into the world at 25 weeks. so needless to say he and his parents have a long road ahead. one of countless drives back and forth to the nicu and tucker continuing to develop and grow into a strong little baby. in addition to the hundreds of other specific things necessary to help in his growth and everything going on inside tommy and ellie's heart as they fall in love, pray, care for tucker, trust the hospital staff, make tough decisions, which ultimately brings them to a place of trust. maybe trusting the Lord the most they ever have in their lives. i imagine it feels scary and sad and hard and overwhelming. emotions many of us know all too well and since our family knows deep pain and fear and what it looks like to walk through a scary valley and cling...i mean literally grasp onto Christ harder than ever before...please pray. send emails. send cards. whatever your heart nudges you to do to show them that they are not alone. but we are in this with them. our journey through cancer was different because people rallied alongside our family in a way we had never seen before. now let us love this sweet family.
for all the details follow tucker and his story here:

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justin has discovered a new found love for taking pictures. so for the next seven days while we are at the beach be sure to check the blog for our daily beach photo and then you wont feel like you have missed a thing. ava recently told us..."i am going to be a big sister." little girl is ready.

off to flordia.


  1. libby we love and miss you guys so much. have fun in florida. thanks for playing catch up via the blog... also im gonna miss you like crazy this camp trip.

  2. Congrats on the pregnancy :)
    Little Tucker is in my prayers. He's so tiny, God love him.

  3. I will pray for tiny little Tucker.

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