Tuesday, July 24, 2012

day three

ava has been sneaking cookies from the pantry. 

good day. good week. i have not thrown up once. i think i am entering into the fun stage of pregnancy.


  1. Yay! Love the good stage of pregnancy. Now I can come visit you and not feel like I'm being an imposition ;) Also, love Ava. So cute. So sneaky haha.

  2. We are vacationing in Myrtle Beach this week! Tell Ava, it's okay, I have been sneaking cookies, candy, chips...you name it this week. :) It's vacation time though...will worry about that next week. :) Glad to hear you are hopefully entering the fun stage of pregnancy. Will keep that in my prayers that this will continue. Enjoy your trip! Love in Christ....donna cason


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