Wednesday, January 4, 2012

nye. scarves. sick baby

loved reading some of the goals you all shared. some were similar and many were unique and  personal. i love that. we all have different visions and goals for our lives in 2012. let's achieve a few.

our new year's eve plans changed pretty last minute (bummer wrights) but we were able to spend some time with josh and ally. they lead young life in chesapeake and justin had the honor of marrying
them in the outer banks this past summer. being apart of it was for sure a highlight for both of us.
so last minute i cleaned the house. which needed to be done so so so badly and ran to the store and got some dips. i think that is the best go to quick appetizer. i bought four pre-made dips. guacamole. red pepper dip. spinach artichoke and pub cheese. just sayin' they were pretty good and it was quick and easy. we ate. talked. bowled and rang in the new year.

we bowled boys vs girls and although we did lose by a little bit. i think the guys and us girls were pleasantly surprised by our bowling skills. who knew?

 ava assisting me a bit and we got a spare! maybe bowling will be her sport...oh, i hope not.

 it was a fun low key new year's eve and we loved being with you too, ben.
i mentioned on monday's post that i crocheted a few or ten scarves as christmas gifts. my friend trish taught me how to crochet a month or so ago and i am in love. i really love it. since i made a few as christmas gifts for my sister's...a couple of their friends have order a few.  i even got an order after someone saw me wearing the scarf i made in our christmas video. then i had two more people order have i mentioned it on monday. so here are a few pictures of the scarves. this is just for fun. not even a legit business with a name or anything. it's my new little hobby.

infinity style scarf that you wrap around your neck a few times.

a much wider cowl neck style.

***email me if you would like to place an order. ***
this picture was taken a few moments before little aves decided to throw up all over herself. me. 
her blanket and her chair. she seems a lot better this morning. let's hope it stays that way. it is an inside day here for us and it is real cold here today.

enjoy your wednesday. we are staying in and getting better. somebody turns 2 on saturday!


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  2. Hope Ava is feeling better!
    Those scarves you made look great!I will be emailing you soon! They are too cute to pass up!

  3. I can't believe Ava is almost two! It's crazy how time flies. Also I love your scarves! You're so talented! Love you and glad you had a wonderful NYE :)

  4. Loes van RozendaalJanuary 4, 2012 at 1:48 PM

    poor Ava, hope she feels better soon. Love he scarves!

    as for Ava turning 2.. here in Holland we say: Twee is nee, which means '2 is no'... good luck with that :P . I have a nephew who is only a month older than Ava is, and he's totally adorable at this age though, so even if he says no... A LOT... he gets away with it ;) Can imagine your little girl being somewhat the same :)

  5. Oh my goodness, little precious will be two! Get better, miss Ava! I miss seeing you guys.
    Libby, you're so talented and creative. Great job on your new hobby. :D

  6. sorry i stole some of your pics for my blog post. loved spending time with you guys. it was such a blessing. miss little aves already :(

    also, LOVE the scarves. i really need to learn.

  7. feel better ava. looks like fun. i've always wanted to bowl. great exercise i'm sure. (:


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