Thursday, January 12, 2012

post cancer # 4

next month it will be a year. one year since we said goodbye to cancer. hopefully forever. but today we head to UVA for our fourth post cancer visit. no scan this time. just a little blood work and check in with my doctor. i feel fine. i have no indication that we will not hear the best of news today. i feel good. no weird pain. no lumps or aches anywhere. should be a pretty routine normal visit.

i guess what i hate. what is still the hardest part is that we even have to go. that this is even apart of our lives. i think there are moments when it seems to creep up on me. like i forgot for a second. i never forgot. i never will. i know that and i am okay with that.


we are trying to make it feel like a little mid week date.  ava will be at home with a few different babysitters. it will be a nice drive through the mountains today as it is unusually warm today. after we see the doctor we are going to get some new running shoes so this whole...1/2 marathon training thing becomes real for me. not just an idea.

will post the good news tonight. thank you for praying. thank you for still sending texts and calling and really helps. not feeling alone does seem to take the sting away a little bit.


  1. Hey Lib-

    Which 1/2 are you running. Let me know and I will see if I can run it again!

  2. cant wait to hear your good news!

  3. Wow, I can't believe it has been a year. With each anniversary you will feel more and more at ease. Congratulations.


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