Monday, January 16, 2012

the inn and my hobby.

my husband hates surprises. he seriously gets a little mad about it. but me...i like surprises. i pretend like i don't...but i do and my husband is good at surprising me. he did real good on friday night. i had no idea about anything and when i did find out about it was friday afternoon and i thought we were going away saturday. then on friday at 7:30pm after yl leadership he said let's go home and pack a little bag because we are headed out of town. i of course did the obvious...

"what? where? who is watching ava? what should i pack? i need to clean up the house if people are coming over to watch ava and the guest room is really messy..."

he of course did not answer any of my questions. so we packed a little bag. straightened up the house. perrin and trish came over and off we went. (thanks girls for loving ava so well).

it was dark and we drove through the mountains and 45 minutes later we arrived in the little town of Luray and stopped HERE.

we are not fancy people...clearly...but i did feel fancy when i saw that our room had a fireplace, robes, and a jacuzzi. i felt like "pretty women" except we're married. it was the best night. i had no idea it was happening. i love being with my husband. i love that we celebrate just to celebrate. thankful for another positive dr appointment. thankful for life & for my husband...who loves me so well. 

don't waste your chance to plan little surprises...big or small they go a long way.

* * *
making and selling scarves. i love it and so do these ladies.
nice picture angie.
congrats sweet friend.
if you would like to order your own cute little scarf for the winter
email me at

this is just funny.

happy monday.


  1. what a wonderful get away! and how sweet of your husband :)

  2. how romantic. love it. the hubby is extra sweet to plan such a great getaway. a moment in time you will never forget. (:

  3. Aw this was so cute and looked like so much fun!


  4. How fun! I hate surprises as well! The inn looks like a perfect little place for a getaway! Glad you are cancer free, and glad you were able to celebrate that!! Scarves are looking great! I think angie's picture looks best!


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