Monday, January 30, 2012


i love going away. we need it sometimes. i crave it. the Lord filled us both. it was an incredible week. i have so much to share. it was like nothing i have been apart of. maybe ever. but our baby is sick. so sharing my heart will wait...


  1. does aves have little baby hunters? if so i think i just died a little. presh!

  2. Hi Libby, glad you had a good time in Orlando, but sorry Ava is sick. Coming home to reality. We stayed at that same Marriot Convention Center, big place isn't it? I am sitting in the chemo recliner, and what is getting me through these next 4 treatments, is a trip to Orlando with Stan for his work the first week of March. If they decide I need more surgery, I can't have it until April, so might as well stay busy. Give Ava a hug from Aunt Debbie, hope she feels better real soon. Take care

  3. Feel better Aunt Debbie. People, who you don't even know, are keeping you in their thoughts. Have fun in Florida!


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