Thursday, November 3, 2011

can't get enough of that rooster.

disclaimer: first off this is kind of a joke but if she did win it would be funny. as her momma i do think how she says...cock a doodle do is hilarious and really cute.

last week i posted THIS video of ava. we were at the park and i caught her saying her animal sounds on video. the rooster is the best part. after posting that on the blog my friend cory emailed me and should enter ava's rooster sound into THIS contest. it is a fisher price animal sounds contest.

it must be said i am not exploiting ava or trying to make money off her sweet little rooster call...but it would be cool if she actually won.

so...if you like her video and want to vote for little ava you can do so HERE.

if you are so inclined you can vote once a day until 11.30.2011. so we got 27 days to vote. let's do this.


  1. We love this video and the "Doodle doodle doo!" We'll be voting. That would be an awesome prize! Good luck!
    Laura Flikkema

  2. I'll definitely vote for sweet Ava! I love her rooster call!!! What is cuter than that?


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