Friday, August 26, 2011

we have evacuated the river house.

the ryder family has left the area. it is not a mandatory evacuation for chesapeake but since we pretty close to the water we were advised to head out. so we packed up what we could. our photos. some electronics. important papers and ava. clearly we got ava. we are preparing ourselves and the house for some possible flooding.this may not be good. not sure what awaits us on monday. for now we are away from the storm and safe with friends.
please do not flood little river house. although we are leaving you very soon but we would prefer for you to not get all damaged by irene.
staying clear of the bad weather and playing with my new best friend levi. justin i think she might want a dog babe?

enjoy your weekend. stay safe.


  1. Will be thinking good thoughts for you! Stay safe and dry.

  2. Praying that your house is all safe and everyone stays protected!

  3. Stay safe........glad you left.

  4. oh good!

    also thanks for the diaper bag thoughts....i love the petunia bags


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