Friday, August 5, 2011

julie the fish. yay for august.

i am a little late on our august sponsor post. i was a bit too obsessed with the idea that i had cancer again and was fighting the flu. but now i am ready to enter back into reality.
Julie the fish is back! yay we love her.
A few years ago one of my friends wore a simple necklace hand stamped with her son’s name.  I loved it and thought, “Maybe I could make that.” That is how the journey of juliethefish designs began.  Now I spend late night hours hammering away while my loved ones sleep.  juliethefish designs is an online shop full of handmade, custom keepsakes.  Each piece is created uniquely with your personalized information.  I am honored to make hand stamped keepsakes for customers all over the world.  I am inspired by their lives, the stories they share, and their occasions for giving. please visit the website at  
I'm going to be having a two day sale on August 8th & 9th.   

Next Monday & Tuesday, August 8th & 9th shoppers can use coupon code TWODAY20 to receive 20% off their entire order.  This will be a great opportunity to do some *early* holiday shopping or get a great deal on something you've been wanting for yourself!
then for the rest of the month dwyc readers can use the coupon code LIBBY811 at Etsy checkout to receive 10% off your order!

enjoy your friday. 

leaving you with a few things i am happy about.
1. i finally took a shower today. don't judge. i was so sick.
2. needed to run errands today and the five places i had to go were all in the same place. serisouly. in a row. best buy, babies r us (new monitor), teacher store, old navy, and target. a mother's dream.
3. i can now see ava when she sleeps.
4. we go on assignment for young life at rockbridge 
in less than 48 hours.
5. i am feeling better. not 100% but maybe like %60.
6. hopefully going out with some girlfriends tonight to celebrate katie.
7. sonic happy hour.
8. laundry is done. not folded but clean.
9. when ava does something she is not supposed to she comes up to me and says, "sorry momma. sorry momma. sorry momma." she gets the repeats sometimes. but it is precious.
10. my cancer is gone. my cancer is gone. my cancer is gone. no matter what my little head seems to tell me i know the truth. i am cancer free.

that is all for now. enjoy your weekend.


  1. have fun at rockbridge! cant wait to hear about it!

  2. So glad u r feeling better. Had sonic for lunch with the floyd's! Love it! Have fun at rock bridge! Love u and safe travel!

  3. I TOTALLY understand the paranoia about getting cancer again! I'm 18 months cancer free (from Hodgkins Lymphoma)...and a few weeks ago had a pain the front of my neck by my adams-apple (I'm a girl...but you know what I mean)...and kinda freaked. It got progressivly worse...went to the dentist, praying it was a toothache gone bad...but no. Long story short...pain went away...oncologist wasn't too worried...BUT I'll admit...I kinda freaked! I pray that someday, you and I both can live in peace...w/o fear of reoccurance!


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