Thursday, August 25, 2011

ava update.

i do not do this often. but i should. i will regret it later. i regret it now that i have not been that good at recording important milestones for little ava. i did much better in her first year with a little calender and stickers i received as a gift. it was so helpful. but since then i am been lacking for sure. but today i will write it down because this has been a huge month for her in terms of development and vocab.

currently she knows:
  • colors...vhite. bluuue. low. reen. red. purrple. black. grey. oange.
i love that when i said...picnic on the porch you came running.
  • letters...i hear her randomly saying her ABC's...i can tell it is the right tune but the letters are clearly all mixed up. she does like the letters O, E, and L the best. she will randomly see something with those letters on it and yell it out. she can recognize some other letters too. but it is hit or miss. (i swear by these preschool prep DVD's called meet the colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and words. a mom told me about them when ava was like six months old so i got a couple when i was sick so babysitters could use them. they worked for ava. i will just randomly have them on while we are playing or on road trips in the car. the repetition is obnoxious but the videos worked for ava).
lunch view. taking it all in while we can.
  • you sign for "more please" and "thank you" all the time now. even since last week you have gotten a ton better.
  • you love ducky, owl, and monkey the best.
loves chips and salsa just like her momma.
  • you love love love the water. no matter what form it is in you love it. stream, river, faucet, shower, pool, have to yell, "vater, vater, vater!"
  • you know where your eyes, nose, ears, mouth, elbow, knees, toes, hands, cheek, shoulders, eye brows, chin...and most body parts are located.
  • you are quick. we are still working on not running away and stopping when we yell stop. but it is getting better. but girl is on the move. all. the. time.
  • you can pretty much say everyone's name and loves to say "bye bye" to anything and everyone. you especially like to say "bye bye boy." to anyone. whether they are a boy or not.
  • you throw yourself around in your crib. it is hilarious. singing, talking, and rolling around. 
  • you say "uh oh" all the time. about pretty much anything that does seem right to you. spill something. uh oh. shoe falls off. uh oh. toys everywhere. uh oh.
much prefers my drink over her own.
  • favorite animal sounds include "neigh" and "moo" and my heart melts. just the way you say it.
  • you love to say "here you go." when you give me something. like your sippy cup, or my shoes, or a snack wrapper.
  • you basically understand everything we say to you...and it's awesome when you actually follow through..."please get in your car seat" and you do it. "go get your shoes please." and you do.
  • you are saying and/or accomplishing something new everyday. it really is incredible to get a first hand look as you become more and more of a little girl. a smart little girl.
 my dear ava.
i am so proud of you. you are strong. you are social. you are so funny. you love to dance. i love that i can already see that you are a natural leader. you are confident. i love that i know you are more than okay when i am not around. but when i come back you coming running. last night daddy put you to bed and i heard him singing to you and then ever so faintly you said, "momma. momma." even though you are know you are safe and loved in daddy's arms you still wondered where i was. i am trying to relax a little bit more. go with the flow. not be so distracted by what other people think. if i am good parent? if i am too easy on you? or am too tough? sometimes i feel like i am so relaxed and laid back and other times i wish i remembered that you are still 19 months old and no child is perfect. just like i am not perfect. or your dad. you are exactly who you the Lord created you to be. but we will do our best to teach you what it means to listen. share with others. not to hit. anyone. ever. how to be gentle. care for others. be friendly. say please and thank you. and about a thousand other things. 
my sweet ava who is no longer my baby. but my little girl. you finally have hair on your head and you want to help pick out your clothes. with either a "no" or a "yeah." i do not always listen but i like giving you choices. it is important for you to have ways to display your independence and decision making skills. you are a good problem solver too and you take risks. i sometimes find myself getting frustrated with you and the choices you make. but the same things that make you a handful at times are the same things that i would not trade from your personality for the world. keep being adventurous. take risks (but be safe. we will be here to help you navigate). i love that you know how to entertain yourself with pots and pans and dish cloths. but that you could sit with me in your pink reading chair all day and read (well part of the day at least). you have been throwing yourself around your crib for ten minutes. singing and yelling. but now you are asleep. peacefully resting. i love you ava. i love that you are a strong independent cookie who still becomes very concerned if someone gets hurt or is crying. i pray you continue to become a compassionate person. i think that is such an amazing quality in a person. to love and care deeply for others. not everyone has it. but i pray that you continue to grow more and more in the precious little person you were created to be.
thanks for making me a mom.  


  1. I wish all mothers would love their children like you love Ava. Precious!

  2. Libby, I still haven't met her and love to meet her before you move. You're probably busy with lots of things and I am fine just reading your blog and looking at pictures of her, she is absolutely beautiful And I'll be praying that your move is safe and that she grows up to be the wonderful, beautiful girl that God created her to be.

    Tori Bollman

  3. I love her blonde hair!! she is a cutie.

    Kimberly's Korner

  4. Libby,
    I love this. You will be so glad that you recorded these events in Ava's life, and I'm sure that one day she'll love reading the letter you wrote to her at 19 months old. You and Justin are amazing parents, friends and people and the people of Chesapeake will miss you!

  5. It's my first time on your blog (hi!) and this post is literally adorable. I'm sure she knows ow much you love and care for her, and I hope that she always does.

  6. Libby,
    Great post...can't wait to see you all and play with Ava. Let's hope the storm hits at low tide. See you in a couple weeks. Love you Ava!
    Pop Pop

  7. Love your blog Libby. Hope and pray your house stays safe. So glad that Becky is home and on the mend. Your Mom has been such a help to us and I look forward to spending more time with her next week. Looking forward to your visit this fall. Love ya Libby


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