Monday, August 15, 2011

ice cream and rockbridge.

it has been incredible here at camp so far. ava is loving camp. we are too. great to get away and be with people you love but rarely get to see and most of all. the best part. share jesus with students. some for the very first time in their little lives. i love being a part of this ministry.

a few highlights. most important. the reason we are here. a lot of students began a relationship with jesus last weekend now into week two we are praying the same prayer.
1. everyone loves ava. there is nothing more special than watching other people love your child.
2. program is hilarious. ava loves it. i love that i am married to someone who is seriously funny.
3. i play a small role in the program as justin's girlfriend. my name is veronica. i went out on stage and could hear ava from the very back yell..."momma!" and then begin to hisartiaclaly cry and was quickly removed from the club room pretty sweet that she knew it was me even though i was dressed horribly, had glasses on, and my hair was wetted down with water for an extra cool look. girl knows her mom.
4. i love being at rockbridge because this is where justin and i met.
5. tommy and sara had a little boy. cash harrison floyd. precious.
finally. on our night off we headed into town and went out for dinner with a few other couples. we decided it was the perfect night for ava to have her first cookies and cream ice cream cone. without any assistance and any napkins. she went at it. it was everywhere. but we loved it. the pure joy that an ice cream cone brought to her life. it was a good night. reminded me of how much i love ava and how i sometimes need to relax and let her get messy. also how thankful i am that we have such great people in our lives. we may not live in the same city or town but it is good and real and i love it.

more to come later this week. we are having fun and therefore i am having a hard time blogging. texting and using my phone. but it is a nice break from the routine of life.

lastly please pray for a miracle inside my aunt deb's body. there is a lot of cancer. i am having a hard time even beginning to process it at all as this has been a very difficult month for me as i look back to where we were one year ago. unbelievably thankful and yet very very sad.


  1. so sad to hear about your aunt! Praying for a miracle! :)

  2. Libby! Tricia finished up my blog, and I absolutely love it! We, too, share such a special love for YL camps! To bring your own baby to that sacred place must be so fun!


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