Sunday, May 8, 2011

Surprise! Happy Mother's Day, from Ava & Me

Dear Libby, 

I thought about one thing all day yesterday. What if we didn't have this day? What if Ava didn't have this day? I am so thankful today, maybe more than ever, for God and for you. What a rescue! Yesterday I drove down ferrel parkway... The first time since our last chemo. I do not miss it. But I remember seeing your courage everyday on that drive, holding hands, and praying! For big things and small things. I am thankful to have Ava's Mom on this sweet day. I am thankful to have you.

God has given you this day as a gift. And I want to give you a gift as well. Before you had cancer, the moment that came to mind when I remembered being most proud of you was when you became a mother. Those moments are etched into my mind. Being by your side, seeing you sleep, wait, push, and fall in love with Ava as soon as you saw her. Remember it? The breathing, Ava's first cry, the music. It was wonderful. You displayed such courage, and such passion. You need to be reminded of that day! Click here for a Mother's Day Surprise Video.

You have been an incredible Mom to her. Ava has someone fighting for her. She has no idea how strong her Mom is, but she will. I will sit down with her someday, in front of this blog, and begin to explain the miracles that have happened in our lives. I am so thankful that you can sit and fill in the details.

Ava has someone to guide her, disciple her, talk to her, laugh with her, someone to color with, someone to talk to, someone to be firmly attached to, to swim with, someone to teach her about relationships, life, and love. On this Mother's Day we celebrate that! We celebrate you, and what God has done.

Happy Mother's Day my wife !!!!

hapi moder's dae - ava (Deeeesh !)


  1. Happy Mother's Day Libby! What a wonderful life the 3 of you have to look forward to.
    Hugs for strength

  2. Happy Mother's Day Libby. I loved the video. Ava is beautiful.Thanks Jus...great video.


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