Wednesday, May 25, 2011

no power and a little no more cancer update.

yesterday a storm rolled in and we lost power. although it was a little hot and we missed power and the luxury that it was kinda nice. no phone. no air (i hated that the most. but we did open the windows). no tv. no laptop. just us upstairs enjoying each other and talking. even ava was able to sleep minus her fan. the noise she has slept with since she was born. thankfully around 2am i woke up to our fan along with the hallway light. power. finally.

we got up early to head to my doctor appointment. after arriving real late due to traffic i signed in. the receptionist looked at me and said she did recognize me for a second, due to the pixie. but gave me some nice compliments and said i looked healthy. it was awesome to hear. i sat down in the waiting room. the same room we spent so many hours. i remember looking around that same room back in august and thinking...we do not belong here. how can this possibly be our life. but we made it. its over. i am crying. not then. but now. its just so exciting to see how far we have come in such a short time. i am so glad its done. sitting there this time was not scary or nerve racking. nor was i nauseous even at the idea of what was to come. because this time it was not as scary. because i am healthy. what a gift that is.

i got my blood drawn and went back to see noura, my chemo nurse. it was great to see her and not want to throw up at the sight of her. we talked about life, ava, her new house, how i am feeling, her and her husband coming over for dinner at the river house, our summers, and how we can finally be friends because she is not giving me chemo anymore. it was good to see her. i am so thankful for her and how she walked through our journey with us. her role was just as important as the meals, babysitters, friends, and family who were alongside us the whole way. she had one of the tougher jobs in it all and we are so thankful it was her. exactly who we needed right in our situation. another gift in it all.

we celebrated with andi our p.a and dr. lee that my scan looks good and my blood work is fine. my levels are returning to normal. we are getting back to normal. our new normal.

this afternoon a couple friends came over. mandy and kristy. we talked about life, relationships, Christ, and cancer. they both read the blog while they were are school. its such an encouragement to me to hear how the Lord used it in their lives. how its hard to trust to God when tough things happen. believing that His plan is perfect. better than our own. even when we can not always see it or do not want to believe it. but He is good. all the time.  following Jesus is not easy. not sure where that idea ever came from. but its good. its better than anything else. knowing that this life is not the end. but living for a life in eternity with Him. but life is hard. sad. dark and lonely. but i told them today and will keep telling anyone who will listen...that without our faith in the Lord through cancer and for the rest of our lives...cancer may have been too much. too hard. too painful. too scary. the worst thing that ever happened to us. at times we thought those things. but what was always true. what we never wavered from was that He had us. never left us. not even for a second. even when we did not understand, we knew He did. so we trusted that. not ourselves.

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  1. You are such a wonderful witness for Him Libby! I am rejoicing in the Lord for You and your health! May your witness never end!

  2. You sound like Lucy and the Beavers in Narnia talking about Aslan in your last paragraph:

    "Then he isn't safe?" said Lucy.
    "Safe?" said Mr. Beaver; "don't you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? 'Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the king I tell you."

    God isn't always simple but he is always good :)

  3. Libby,

    A friend of mine is reading dont waste your life and I said to him, my friend started a blog called, don't waste your cancer which was inspired from that book and he told me someone had just told him yesterday about your blog! In Alabama! crazy how God is using you and this blog all over and how it is spreading. Love it and how God works. So glad your scan came back good. Love reading and staying up with your life.

    - Holly

  4. so glad that you got to see noura and spend time with her post cancer, that's u

  5. never give up.. visiting and checking up on you.. hugs from Monica


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