Saturday, May 7, 2011

easter. a little late.

i have been meaning to post easter pictures for a while. i am finally doing it this morning before its way past easter and we are on to the next thing. easter is a big day. celebrating that our Jesus is risen and alive. 

we started this sunday morning off with a little easter basket, breakfast, stickers, and bubbles.

 special bunny cereal served in an easter egg. thanks roma she loved it.


 daddy reading her the story of easter. so there is no confusion. its actually not about bunnies and eggs. but fun to celebrate that way too.

 stickers. her new love. they are by far one of the less expensive ways to keep your child happy. they are a must have around our house.

 peeps on a stick. genius.
 determined to get those bubbles...

 got 'um.

 she loves a good scrunched nose.

 off to church. to celebrate.
  i mean who does not love a good family photo? well...ava sure doesn't.

 okay now we are good...
 and then were not.

check that nose on ava. i love it. great easter for us. sorry to be a sharing a couple weeks late.

quick team libby thing
angie. my dear friend has decided to blog about each team libby runner. a new runner or couple of runners each day. if you are interested in reading more about the runners...check out her blog.

amazing saturday here in chesapeake. i love that we are all in kitchen eating and drinking coffee together as a family. ava is drinking water. she just tried syrup on her blueberry waffle for the first time. 
pretty sure its a hit.


  1. adorable. that little scrunched nose is perfect. she is getting so big!!

  2. Beautiful family picture! And love the scrunchy nose! It's like saying,"Everything is back to normal." Happy Mother's Day!

  3. My warning may be too late ... I noticed the colored bubbles from target in the basket. They are pretty cool but SO messy and sticky and yucky. We are never buying them again! But, they do wash out just find.
    Also, your family pics look like mine and I have a 4 year old. She hates pictures and this make me very sad because I love them!

  4. Happy Easter Little A
    Pop Pop

  5. Ms. Libby,

    Beautiful from start to finish.

    And Ava wore a striped dressy dress on Easter as well. Very similar only pink.

    What a sweetheart she is.



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