Monday, May 30, 2011

80's night.

thursday night we celebrated our friend ally's upcoming wedding. it was great. i kinda felt old. since most of the girls there are not married and still in college. but it did not really matter because i still dressed 80's, wore a mohawk, and stayed out until almost 3am. i still know how to have a good time.
 the bride. leslie you look cute too.
 sweet katie. what fun we had.
 we all knew (minus the bride to be) that we were headed out for a little night of dancing. but not just any dancing. um 80's night. who does not love..."girls just want to have fun" and a little tiffany "i think we're alone now." we danced to both. here's ally all dressed in her 80's bride outfit. 
shan shan gave me a mohawk. never. i mean never in a million trillion years did i ever think i would have such short hair. i am not that confident. i swear. but since i was not given a choice in the matter i a trying to rock this pixie with confidence and even a little mohawk when necessary. not everyday. but this seemed like a good night for it.
the whole group before we headed out dancing. thanks queeny for the pictures.

it was such a fun night. seriously just a good night of dancing and being with girlfriends.

ally i hope you felt loved. i know i speak for all of us...we are very excited for you and josh. what a precious gift it is to be married. i count it as one of the greatest things to ever have happened to me. being able to do life with justin. forever. enjoy the last month or so before the big day.

incredible weekend at the lake. our little ava is one tough adventurous little girl. we love it. more to come tomorrow. its date night.

happy memorial day.


  1. yayy Libby you rocked that can borrow it this summer if you want to wear it the mall or something like that
    I have actually never worn that dress myself but you are the 5th person to borrow it..weird how I own these things..
    See you in July hopefully!

  2. AH! What a fun idea! You were rocking the whole outfit! You should have tons of self-confidence! You are a survivor! :)

  3. yesss loving that theres a pic of us on here and i link. youre the best. love you so much, cant wait to hear about the lake.

  4. you're short is beautiful! glad yall had a fun night! we are getting ready for an 80's themed relay for life! xo!

  5. i love you. and you look like a model.

  6. Hi Libby, i love love your new hair do its so awesome and you are stunning !!!!!


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