Friday, January 6, 2012

on the eve of year number two.

a little daddy daughter dancing before bedtime. perfect way to end the day.

* * *

we have good friends and one of those good friends decided to give our family a year membership to the downtown children's museum. thank you whoever you are...ava and i checked it out for the first time this morning.

there was a bit of a love/hate relationship with bessie the cow. hence blurry ava running away.
* * *

tomorrow our baby turns two. i feel like i am supposed to say...where did the last two years go? but in actuality between her, cancer, and moving...i feel like ava has been in our life forever. she arrived at just the right time. ava was barely seven months old when i got sick and it was devastating and gut wrenching. but our little aves...well she saved my life (not literally). she brought purpose and joy when i had a hard time finding it. so this little almost two year old entered into our life on the brink of the biggest adventure of our lives. i am thankful that my baby is growing up healthy and compassionate and loving as well as strong and independent and sometimes a bit out of control.

let's go down memory lane a bit shall we? her birth story HERE and party number one HERE.

we are headed on a little road trip for ava's birthday. some friends are getting married and we are driving to ohio. thankfully justin's mom was more than willing to meet us at the hotel to hang with ava while we are at the wedding. we have a few fun things planned for her tomorrow. currently she is sleeping peacefully in her new birthday pajamas.

* * *
a new year and some new bedroom decor. kristen at pomlove is hooking us up with some super cute poms for ava's room. here's a peek.

exhausted and leaving early in the morning. 
goodnight. goodnight. goodnight.

(thanks for those of you that ordered scarves. so fun. i love it)


  1. What a great gift - my kids always liked those museums, and they never get tired of the creative, hands-on exhibits!

  2. Happy birthday sweet Ava!


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