Monday, January 9, 2012

highs and lows

this weekend in highs & lows.

high: our little baby turned two.

low: we spent most of her birthday in the car driving to a wedding in ohio.

high: all three of us where together. in one place. for 7 hours straight.

low: i like planning parties. being a bit crafty. no party this year. but next year. number three for sure.

high: iced mocha's on the road. crocheting scarves. connecting with my husband.

low: giving ava a gift each hour of the trip. she could have cared less. we got her these fake glasses because she broke the pair she had. after she opened it she looked at me and said..."here you go mommy" and handed them right back to me.

high: ava is an incredible traveler (thanks to her dvd player, ipod, books, and a few smarties). she watched curious george for the first time and was belly laughing from the back seat.

low: we were not with ava for the entirety of her second birthday.

high: roma (justin's mom) met us at our hotel with balloons, cupcakes, & lots of gifts. (she drove up from ky and stayed with ava while we were at the wedding. that was the only way i was okay with this whole...not being with my baby. THANK YOU ROMA). 

low: we chose a hotel specifically with a pool for aves to swim. it was freezing. blue lips kind of cold.

high: great wedding. congrats will and janis. (they are the new YL area directors in chesapeake).

low: saying goodbye to all our chesapeake friends who were there. we love you, dearly.

high: dancing, catching up with friends, and going to steak n shake at midnight. anyone recall how much i loved my chocolate milkshake? it was that good. i had to go on and on about it. 

low: the drive home. we took the back roads to save time. it was through the mountains. too curvy and scary.

high: it was gorgeous and we saw a lot of cows. aves favorite.

low: ava's second birthday was only documented by pictures of her in a car seat. mommy failure.

high: ava is two. wow. little girl...i sure hope you know much we love you and cherish you and the precious gift you are to us. this is going to be a fun year little one.

 balloons welcomed ava when she woke up & the elmo one had to make the trip. 

potty training here we come.

very sleepy after a long weekend and turning two.


laying low today. it is going to be a busy week. (three month oncologist is thursday)
it is snowing here today. ava called it rain. but we straightened that out and now she can not get enough. i like that.


  1. Hi Ryder Fam! :) I didn't get good pictures of Greyson's first birthday in November (we were too busy entertaining friends that came over to eat, and somehow I spaced on documenting anything)...I grieved that because I thought, "Crap - no first bithday pics??? What Mom does that???"...and then I realized that he had 364 days of being one. And that every day is a celebration - and I had at least 364 opportunities ahead of me to document that. Hope she's feeling better, and we are excited for the next 364 days of her 2nd year. It was an honor to meet you - enjoy the snow for us. Love, the Lunsfords

  2. such sweet pics of her asleep! Such a precious little girl!

  3. I love her little uggs! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend on Ohio! It's a great place!

  4. Doesn't sound like any kind of mommy failure to me! You made great memories! Love it!

  5. Happy Birthday to Ava!

  6. Hey! I just saw on the LIVE TRAFFIC FEED someone reading from Hormon,OK. I am Libby's Mom...a transplant in Tulsa. WHO R U? I'll have to look to see how far Hormon is from us. Just surprised and delighted to find another OK resident on this site. (Probably someone from my church who lives in a suburb called "Hormon" & I'm too ignorant to know that yet.



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