Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the water

this boat is very special to me and i can not believe it's been five years. five years since we have been on back. when justin and i first started dating and he took me to his dad's houseboat for the first time i had no idea what was in store or what house boating was all about. two things: dock holiday is incredible and there is nothing like being on the water. we realized as we drove home on monday that we will never let five years go by without being on the boat. it was a magical weekend and watching ava experience it all for the first time...priceless.

the boat is where we met sara and tommy for the first time and where justin surprised me with an engagement party almost six years ago. some of my best memories with justin and our family are wrapped up in this boat. while floating in the water 7 years ago i sorta told his sister that i was going to marry her brother (we had just met the month prior) and i was pretty confident about it. i can be overly confident and say things without thinking sometimes...but this was not one of those times. as i have been reflecting about the weekend and the joy that surrounded it i realized that my love for this boat is so intertwined with the summer justin and i fell in love that it holds such a deep party of my heart. this is where our families met. this is where justin went right after we met and camp ended. this is where so many of our first memories were made together. 

justin loves water. oceans, lakes, rivers, you can name it. i saw something new in him this weekend as he and ava played in the water. hoping she will share the same passion for water and it looks like she is up for problem.


thank you for a magical weekend...just for us.

today our 6 week adventure begins. ava and i drive to DC and fly to MI for my cousin's wedding. ava is the flower girl. get is going to be good. then we fly back to DC and drive to a young life camp in the adirondacks of NY state for the month of june. it is going to be full and it is going to be good.

i will be back on friday with something good. don't miss it.


  1. Looks like such a great time! I've never been on a houseboat but I can imagine that it's pretty great! Also, if the YL camp you're going to is Saranac, my little sister just got back from doing the work weekend there! I was always wondering if you guys would go to that camp, because that's kind of a cool connection! I love reading your blog and especially seeing what your life looks like with your little girl! She's adorable. :)

  2. This is perfect. Little Aves...too cute. And I just love everything about this post. I can literally feel the joy and love and happiness flowing through the words as you write them. Everyone should be so lucky to find what the Lord has done in you and Justin. So excited for you and the upcoming month! So many good things to come:)

  3. Looks like you all had a blast on the boat! Can't wait to see pictures of little Ava as a flower girl! I am sure she will be precious! Safe travels!

  4. were you in cumberland on the houseboat? i thought i walked past justin on the dock this weekend and did a double take!


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