Monday, May 21, 2012

burned 'um up

thankful for the response from many of you in regards to this post. happy to know i am not alone.

this weekend was spent at the rockbridge. it is the young life camp where justin and i met 7 years ago. it always feels safe and comfortable to us. i love that. ava ran around and did not stop moving for basically two days straight. it was tiring but good. thankfully there were a lot of friends there who were willing to keep up with her and play. thankful for friends who love ava the way that they do.

it was refreshing to catch up with people we rarely see and get away for the weekend. with fellowship, worship, and time to slow down. even though it was busy with soul felt rested. spending time outside, soaking in the beauty of the mountains, and being reminded of all i have to be thankful for...we have phenomenal friends and God is good.

on saturday night justin took ava back to our room and put her to bed so i could stay in club to hear pat goodman speak. during worship we sang this song and it does something to my heart and i can not get through it without tears. lots of them. pat went on to share a lot that i felt was directed right at me. i even thought...did pat tell justin what he was going to be sharing tonight so that's why justin made sure i could stay to hear it? either way it was huge for me. all about the voices we listen to and the lies we believe and how in those places...when we believe those lies...we become stuck. stuck in the bondage that keeps us from living in the way we were designed to live. whole and complete in Christ. because of the is done. all of it. everything...His death covers it all. the end. if only i could really live in that freedom. at the end he asked us to write down whatever lies. whatever bondage we are living in. whatever is keeping us from experiencing Christ in a more intimate and real way...write it down and burn it. yup, a big bonfire. burn those lies up.

so in tears i wrote down four. four things i think about all the time. i have come to believe are true and have left me stuck, sad, anxious, and scared.

so on may 19 i burned it up. i know it is not magic or anything. but i feel lighter. i feel more free. i feel a little less stuck. i want to believe what is true. i want the Lord to enter into the depths of my heart and into my secrets. into the places that are ugly, embarrassing, and in turn prevent me from living in the freedom that the cross offers to us all. here's to freedom.

only took two pictures this weekend. but her eyes in this picture are priceless...she just wanted to get to that pool as soon as possible.

what lies do you believe? what do you need to burn up?


  1. first off, this was so encouraging. i just pictured you throwing them in the flames :) i want to do this.

    secondly, oh my word. that last picture of ava? what, is she sixteen already??

  2. she looks so old! she is precious!!!!

  3. Libby - I think you are an amazing person. Thank you for your honesty and transparentcy you share so freely. I hope you believe that you are everything the Lord sees when He looks at you. We are so grateful for you!


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