Friday, June 3, 2011

we are ready...

flordia here we come. we fly out in the morning and this week is by far one of our most favorite trips of the entire year. this week we are celebrating life and the gift that it is. we are packed and good to go. justin is even squeezing in an early morning trip to the beach for some surfing before our flight. we finally have an suv that he can put his surfboard on. we are pumped. it's a good day.

ava gets to play with her cousins. sweet isabella and jack. we used to spend the week laying out but those days are over...since we have a 3, 2, and 1 year old on the trip along with a baby on the way. not us. sara and tommy (justin's sister). so instead we will spend time playing in the pool and splashing in the ocean. making sand castles and playing with bubbles. walking around shopping. we like that. kids probably don't. waiting in line at margaritaville for 2 hours to eat dinner. because it's that good. and the garlic bread that is to die for at guy harvey's. two trips ago when i was pregnant with ava we were waiting in line so long at another restaurant that justin went and got me a little garlic bread to eat while we waited. he's a good guy.

we will be running after our kids and seeing what surprises the beach fairy has this year thanks to sara. she is the creative one and the gift giver. love her for that. she started that the day we met. a kentucky gift basket waiting for me on my bed when i arrived at there home in louisville. now we do it on vacation too. a gift every morning for the kiddos and each other sometimes too.

but now i am giving the entire week away...will post pictures while we are gone. so check back...

leaving you with some cute bath pictures. thanks to leslie and christina.
most nights she grabs her ducky towel and walks around hugging it and would sleep with it if we let her. thanks aunt allison. we love it.

enjoy the weekend. next time we post we will in flordia. can't hardly wait.


  1. Hey Libby! It was great to meet your family on the plane yesterday! Hope you're enjoying your trip.
    Just wanted to say hi. :)

  2. We used to have a ducky towel. I so miss it. Ava is adorable in hers! Wishing you blessing and joy on your holiday!


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