Monday, June 6, 2011

top ten.

top ten things we are loving about family vacation at the beach. in no particular order.

1. sea salt and cracked black pepper snyder's pretzels.
2. ava and isabella in matching monogrammed bathing suits.
3. sitting on the balcony chatting.
4. everyday from 1-3pm (all three kids are napping)
5. my new iphone baby. thanks tommy and sara.
6. our bathroom being big enough for ava's pack n play so she does not have to sleep in our room.
7. late night dinners (guy harvey's garlic bread).
8. a new gift every morning for ava from aunt sara.
9. going back and forth between beach and the pool. depending on how the kids are acting.
10. celebrating life cancer free and being with our dear family. especially seeing ava with her pop pop.

here is a little video from vacation so far...enjoy.


  1. This is so sweet! I hope you are having a great vacation! :)

  2. this video just made my heart smile. thank you for sharing. :)

  3. What an amazingly beautiful video of Ava and the family :) I love how the video is grainy and it feels aged and I'm wondering how he did that? If you can would you please let me know? I'm just in love with the look of it and I often make video clips of my children as well. Anyway, thanks for posting. This just warmed my heart and I'm so glad to know you are enjoying such happy family time. It's so healing!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a living doll on that beach! Libby she is so precious, so innocent and full of wonder. I am so glad that you all are having this time with little Ava and capturing it on video. My baby is 15 ½ and will be getting out of school for the summer tomorrow. She is going on her first beach trip without me…oh how those precious years zoom past us! It seems like yesterday she was Ava’s size walking on the beach! Enjoy every moment and thank you for sharing. Seeing you and Justin with such big smiles really warmed my heart and filled it with joy too! Have fun! ....donna cason

  5. Adorable! Have so much fun!

  6. So so exciting! What a wonderful time to relax and celebrate with family! I agree with Kate, how did you guys get the video to look this way? I would love to know! Enjoy the fun!

  7. yay! guys sooo deserve it! i hope that ella remembered to give u a hug from me. miss u. have a great week!! ava be any cuter?!?!


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