Thursday, January 6, 2011

no chemo. well not for today at least.

because my doctor is wonderful. yes he is. i emailed him real early this morning after being up with ava about five times last night. and asked if we could move my treatment to tomorrow or early next week. and he said yes. i am so thankful. i was so anxious last night because justin is horribly sick and i thought ava was getting it too. but at this point this morning she seems better. no fever. and even ate a little cereal. so we are upstairs "playing." me on the couch because i am so tired and she is on the floor playing with some of her birthday gifts. justin is in bed and we are keeping this place clean. lots of lysol. and i am even wearing a mask. i do not want to get whatever he has. so please pray for our family. but for today we are all going to rest and fight this nasty little bug.


  1. Will pray for all of you. So glad your wonderful doctor understands the importance of your family to you. Stay healthy!

  2. Praying for your family as always!

  3. oh man...really hoping that the bug clears out of river house quickly.
    love you.


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