Monday, December 6, 2010

our birthday tradition. a few weeks late.

justin got home last night from camp. all us girls picked him up and we headed to high street for italian. we celebrated our birthdays a little late and kept ava up a bit later than usual and she did great. we sat at a table near the christmas tree so she was a bit mesmerized by the twinkly lights. last year we spent my birthday in chicago with my two aunts that are here visiting us now. we ate a little italian place there for my birthday too so now its a tradition. but last year our older italian server personally sang me happy birthday. but first imagine an exaggerated italian accent. a man with a larger belly (not judging). singing...."haaaapppppy birrrrthday dear lllliiiibbbbbbyyyy..." loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear. it was classic. we still talk about it. since he could not be there with us this year...justin improvised. it was perfect. and before we left for dinner i decided to imitate it myself...but instead sang happy birthday to little ava. well she was not too sure what to think of it. so as i held her and sang she buried her head into my chest as deep as she could go. not laughing. not crying. just not sure what to do with it. but either way it was hilarious to us. oh, sweet ava.

it was a relaxing weekend. lots of coffee. pajamas. meals out. a little shopping. and a few movies. i love our upstairs at night when the lights are off and just the christmas tree lights up the room. its comfy and cozy. and its nice to feel good. like myself. but today is more or less the last day of that. shot tomorrow. chemo thursday. but i am okay. as the end is beginning to be in sight for us. but we will enjoy today. a little walk through the chesapeake arboretum is next on the agenda.

and so i do not forget how i am feeling today...i am thankful for my energy level. not thankful for my thinning hair. but i got a few hats to keep me warm.

and there are a few of you out there who have not sent us your address. please feel free to do so.


  1. Libby! I sell some adorable/trendy headwraps and would love to send you one! You can be my little model! If you send me your address, I will send one your way.

  2. love love that you got to celebrate all together...traditions are the best! wish i could have been there...much love from GR...

  3. What a fun birthday celebration! I'm counting down the treatments with you!

  4. Hope you had a fabulous birthday...I love traditions...especially being a new mom!!!


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