Friday, December 10, 2010

8 down and 4 to go. and two sick girls in the house.

to help with my anxiety and throwing up before, during, and after chemo my dr. prescribed me some medicine. and its magically. i only threw up once at chemo and in addition i slept through most of it. perfect. chemo itself was fine. and it went fast. and its one more done and out of my life forever.

when we arrived home from chemo...lots of fun things were waiting. justin's mom had arrived safe and sound from ky. she will be here until monday to help with ava and to celebrate christmas together a little early. and she has been a ton of help as i am feeling much worse than normal. oh, back to the fun things. some flowers has been delivered. thank you. and ava's new pink anywhere chair arrived in the mail from her papa and oma. and her new car seat from pop pop came too. big day for little ava! and she was sound asleep when we got home and then decided to take a 2.5 hour nap. perfect. the rest of the day is a bit foggy. but i do recall rose bathed her. and i put her to bed. and then we all rested upstairs.

today has been hard. ava has decided to throw up both her bottles. one when she woke up. and again after drinking some water and eating some cereal. and then one more time during her morning nap. ahhh. she ate lunch fine. i went to bed and rose played with her upstairs. but she said she wanted to be held and  was a little more fussy than normal. two things about that. ava rarely likes to be held. and she is rarely fussy. but she has no other symptoms. so praying praying its just a one day upset tummy. its just a sick place. my stomach is killing me. i am so nauseous. and i have taken every medication i am allowed to take. so sleep is my only relief. and i am off to do so. this is just hard. its hard because i need to rest and recover but i want to be with my baby too. and although rose is here to help it is hard for me to lay in bed if i hear ava crying. so i got up to bath her after she threw up. and read to her and sang to her before her nap. got up to help with lunch. and then held her and laid her down for her afternoon nap. its hard for me to allow people to help sometimes. but i need to. because we need the help and i know that. its all just hard today. and i just want ava to feel better. honestly that is all i want.

off to sleep. praying both the girls in the ryder house wake up feeling like new.


  1. I am so glad the Dr. prescribed you some medicine to help with throwing up, that definitely not fun. I hope little Ava starts to feeling better as well, I know it is sometimes hard to ask for help and allow for people to help you, I am so glad you are able to do that. Praying for you as always and double the prayers this week for you and your little girl and woohoo for 8 down, you are so strong and insipring. Almost done :)

  2. feel better soon ladies. praying for you here in Kentucky!!

  3. I have just been reading about cancer camp for 'young adults'. One week of outdoor adventure gifted to those who have had cancer. I think we young (some of us younger than others)cancer survivors should all meet up for camp in Co come spring. How fun would that be????
    I am praying for your little Ava and sending praises to the Lord who is upholding you and carrying you though this Libby. I am so blessed to 'read' you as you walk this road and give GLORY to He that has given you the grace to share this season.
    We do indeed serve a mighty God!
    Prayers from Va

  4. Hello Libby and Ryder family,
    My name is Michelle and I have been reading your blog now for the past couple weeks and finally caught up to the present day. Even though I don't know you personally, I feel like I do. I am so proud of you! You are doing the absolute best that you can and it is inspiring. I am thankful that you have such wonderful people to surround you and that you have faith in God and what he has planned for you. I am sorry you have pain today and I was actually thinking of you yesterday and hoping that your treatment was going smoothly. I am praying for you and your family and hope you are feeling better in the morning. Thank you for sharing your life and story with us. Take care.

  5. been thinking about you all day....hope that your soup helped last night. did justin like his dinner? hope so!
    i love you so so much babe. you mean so much to me. peace to you. hope you are getting some rest.
    love always,

  6. Only 4 chemo thursdays to go! You've made it so far - just think, when they gave that number of having 12 to go through I bet it sounded like forever and now just a month left! I'm glad they gave you the meds to help you through it. Sending warm thoughts your way.

  7. I pray that your weekend has been peaceful and that both you and Ava's tummy are feeling better. So glad you have the help...take it Libby.

  8. hi aunt lib & cousin sorry to hear you have been so sickie that past couple days...i got that new toy you were telling my mom about (from jenna for christmas) and i just love it! i can't wait for us to play it together...praying God's healing grace! love drake


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