Thursday, September 9, 2010

golf outing and no chemo today

so we got to the dr today and after they did my blood work they found out that my white blood cell count is too low. it was 5,400 before my first chemo and now its at 333. so my dr gave me some antibiotics to take until monday and then tuesday i will go in for more lab work. and if my wbc is good i will have my second round of chemo on sept 17th. one more week to feel like me and i am so looking forward to it. ted and sara will be here tonight and now we get to shop, eat out, and hang out during the visits oppose to being sick in bed.

on another note we have wonderful friends. some of my husbands good friends from kentucky who he went to high school and college with are putting on a golf outing for us. for me. its awesome. its humbling. but such a gift. the info is below.

libby ryder charity golf outing
Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kearney Hills Golf Course 3403 Kearney Rd., Lexington, KY

Fees: $80 per player. Foursome Scramble Format.
*proceeds go to justin and libby ryder

Includes: Green fees, cart, lunch

{Sponsorship Opportunities:}
*proceeds go to justin and libby ryder
Hole Sponsor: $200

for more details and ways to help please email:


  1. the golf outing is such a great idea!!

  2. A women from your home church, Brookside(in MI) was asking for a way to help. I just sent her the golf Outing Flyer. Easy to donate, don't have to golf and nothing to ship. She was thrilled.

    Called Ryan to tell him Dad & I are happy to sponsor a hole.

    Enjoy another week off...Sara's photo shoot will still feature your lovely locks!!! Can't wait to see 'em.


  3. I wish I lived close so I could have my husband play in this!


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