Thursday, September 16, 2010

chemo number two

chemo went well today. it was nice to have angie here to be with ava. justin and i were a little on edge this morning. he just got home from a staff meeting and was gone for two days. so we were trying to get on the same page. but a little hard when you are heading to your second chemo treatment and tension is a little high. justin hates chemo days more than i do i think. probably hard to watch your wife get chemo i guess. today felt different than when we went in for the first time. it was easier because i knew what to expect, but also hard because i knew what was coming. hard to explain really. i sat in my same chair. it feels comfortable there.

today i tried to balance whether or not we keep to ourselves to read, text, and talk or make friends with people sitting next to us. we opted to make friends. first i sat by a couple who was celebrating their anniversary. sad but also not sad at all because it was her last treatment! we talked for a while and i enjoyed hearing about their experience. she is tough. seriously tough. and she made it. then she left and her chemo buddy arrived and sat next to me with her husband. they were great. we especially liked them because they laughed at us. in a good way. and thought justin's jokes were real funny so he loved that. she and i connected. but she only has two more treatments so we may never see each other again.

it went fast. got there at ten and left by two. i felt light headed and tired through out treatment. i easily could have slept, but talked instead. so now we are home and i have a horrible headache, stomach ache, and tired. but doing alright. no mouth pain yet. just a little tired. like real groggy tired.

thanks for the ongoing mail, packages, texts, letters, emails, meals, etc. very thankful.


  1. Glad to hear things went well today! I would love to send you some mail. If that's ok.

  2. 2 down, just keep counting them off. I will continue to pray that your blood count stays high enough for you to stay on schedule in the future. Give into the way you feel, let those around you care for you. Praise God for a successful day.

  3. Hi,
    I found your blog through my friend Kim! I am glad to hear that things went well today! I hope that you don't get those yucky mouth sores! I am on oral chemo meds for DM and I get them and they prescribed Magic Mouth Wash for it...and it helps ALOT it has a numbing agent, Malox for coating and something else....have they prescribed you that? It really does work wonders!!

    I have to start Rituxan infusions after my little girls bday in October....I have a friend who is 15 named Emily (Emily's Cancer Blog) and like she says we are in it to win it and girlie we will WE WILL WIN IT!!

    hang in there, get some rest, your house looks so pretty, your daughter is presh

    Summer ;)

  4. So many of my friends are praying for you Libby. And I will be praying for how you'll be feeling post-chemo. And your house is amazing, I wish I could be there with you to just hang out and be together. Love you dear friend.

  5. Hi friend... (I guess I can call you friend since we actually got to meet). I just spent the evening with my dear friend who is up at CHKD. Her 4 year old son gets his chemo treatments on thursdays as well. As I drove home I remembered to lift you up in prayer also. I'll be praying for your little family over the next few days esp. Much love.
    Jessica Rockey

  6. Glad you are getting the chance to talk to folks at the other end of their treatment. What an encouragement! I'll be praying for you.....

  7. good morning ryder fam...loving u from gr...the photo is just pure love, art, and totally u guys...drake misses playing with ava, especially the hair pulling part :) praying God's peace & that the rest of these 72 hours goes as well as it u all...b & d

  8. WOW, your outlook on your life's journey is a true testimony to others. Keep the faith! You don't know me, but I am a parent of GBHS student and am now one of your many blog followers. You are truly an inspiration to many. And God made you special for a reason; now I know why. I just wanted to share one of my favorite sayings with you and when you're feeling down always remember: "The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you." Stay strong and keep the faith; God is good.


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