Monday, September 3, 2012

Wedding snap shots

We just left the hotel and I feel a little sad to leave so many people we love and thankful for a weekend of friendships and laughing and late nights and one busy little girl. I realized this weekend that Ava does not ever walk...she sprints to her destination. Gotta appreciate the passion. Despite a little or a lot of rain that changed the whole outdoor under a tent reception to a gorgeous indoor reception. Amidst the craziness it was still perfect because two people are now husband and wife. I realized as people were running around soaking wet in an attempt to recreate exactly what was outside inside... It's all about relationships and celebrating life for what it is...a gift. Yesterday Justin and had the rare opportunity to have the very best seat in the house. As Justin led the ceremony and I stood beside Leslie along with an incredible wedding party...we saw every smile, tear, and glance between Leslie and Coleman. I will never forget that for rest of my life. Such an honor. I told them this last night...but it needs to be said again...we will walk thru life with you both for the rest our lives. we will never be able to explain what it did to our hearts to watch Ava in the center of the dance floor all sweaty and laughing right alongside the both of you and dancing harder than I have ever seen before. We cherish the people in that room. Thank you for loving our family.

I am exhausted. But that good kind of tired because I know every late night and early morning with bridesmaids and friends was invaluable. Those are the memories. Those are the parts that make life and investing in people so worth it. It changes you and I want to be changed. I want to love and feel loved and this weekend was an example of that. it is far more rewarding to choose joy. Marriage can be hard but my heart is swelling with joy for Coleman and Leslie as they have only just begun the best and hardest relationship they will ever enter into. Enjoy the road. Enjoy the story that the Lord is writing in you and through you. The best part is that you have no idea what's coming and that is why it is the greatest adventure you will ever embark on and now you have each other to walk through it with. It's the best.

A few snap shots from the wedding...


  1. lib, you and your bump look gorgeous! so glad your family could have such a fun weekend together.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful weekend full of love, laughter, friendship and fun. I can't believe how long your hair is Libby. The other day I was reading back at some of your older posts and the struggle of hair loss. Amazing at how far you and your family have come...and soon a new little girl enters your family with love. Such a great weekend. Hope you get some rest when you get home

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences to us Libby..It sounds like that you and your family had a fun weekend.


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