Monday, September 24, 2012

our weekend.

we were home this weekend and it was the best. seriously...the best. no plans. the idea of no plans brings us both such joy. after a yl football game on friday night to which ava is now enthralled with the band and after a moment of panic that quickly turned to relief when she saw that there is in fact an ambulance on site in case a player gets was a good night.

not taken this weekend but the children's museum is her new love. she asks if we can go every single day and i think last week we made an appearance at least 4 times.  she loves art and playing in the ambulance where she takes care of me because..."mommy, you are very sick." sweet girl is thoughtful enough to always check the babies heart beat as well. she is falling in love with her little sister more and more. while i am finding myself loving ava in a new deeper way recently. maybe it is cherishing these last few months as just her and i...since our bond is strong. 

we had dinner with friends on saturday night and opened up a bit about cancer and our story and as we sat on the porch tearing up about pain and watching people suffer...ava peeked through the glass door and smiled i was quickly reminded of how differently it all could have been. but i am here. able to put her to bed. to wash her clothes. to teach her. to watch her grow. to help guide her sweet little life. i wish i could say my heart was always in this tender place but often i get frustrated with her and annoyed with unbuckling her car seat for the tenth errand or asking justin to please put her to bed tonight. i know i am not perfect. not trying to focus on mommy guilt here as some days are just hard and my patience is shot. but saturday night i was reminded yet remain thankful. i want to live out of a place of joy and thankfulness.

these babies bring me joy. sunflowers have been a favorite for a long time and adorned each table at our wedding reception in MI. best $6 i spent last week by far.

we love perrin and the farmers market and sunflowers. 

disclaimer: this is not a "look how cool we are because we read our Bibles." yes, it is cool to read your Bible and we are sure do it in this house but mostly it is about observation.

ava does not miss a thing. either does your kid. on sunday justin and our friend eric were heading out and both had there bibles in there hands and ava said..."can i go to a bible study?" i clarified that eric was just driving home and daddy had a meeting but we could have a bible study. so we sat on the couch and she asked me to be quiet as she flipped through pages and was making no sense at all...but she thought she was reading. so we sat and read. 

yes it was precious that she wanted to have a bible study. but mostly it was about how this small little girl does not miss a thing. she sees it all. she hears it all. she is soaking it all in. i wanna be on my A game then...a little more aware of everything around her.

first item bought for baby number two. i love to decorate. i love the process of picking colors and imaging it all as her own room one day. ava asked eric yesterday... "do you want to see my awesome room?" hoping this next girl will be asking people the same thing. will post more pictures as it comes together.

gorgeous here today. thankful for a weekend at home. off to work.


  1. Such a sweet mama you are! I am glad you feel well! :)

  2. So precious! Does baby number 2 have a name yet?


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