Saturday, April 28, 2012


a little bit of a glimpse into our lives over the past couple weeks...because we are busy hanging with this little man. baby keller. oh, how we love you.

playin' in the rain.

wearing daddy's hat and yelling..."cool dude."

hung out with our with our new friends this week and found out they have a giant dog. ava is in love.

 i love a good deal & i love diet coke. yes i am well aware that soda is bad for me.

put these tissue poms up in ava's nursery a month or so ago and i love them. i am in the midst of a few decor projects that i will post later. but for now check out POM+LOVE here.

it is always a treat to make friends via the blog world. sweet meredith is one of those people. she is a young life wife and mom just like me. we emailed a bit when i was sick and then finally got to meet at a young life conference back in january. well she is real thoughtful and sister sent me a bathing suit for ava (i has been checking out but they never had a 2t. so she picked one up and mailed to us). along with a precious book about rockbridge county, virginia. where we met back in 2005.

first pet this week. a caterpillar she named "candy." she was alive for about 20 minutes until ava accidentally squeezed it a little too tight. i explained that candy died and ava took it well.

young life end of the year picnic and dance party in a barn. pretty gorgeous huh?!?

laura is special. although she is the new momma...she could tell i needed a second after ava had a little break down at chick fila. so when ava went down for a nap i went to hobby lobby all. by. myself. dream. got some fabric for pillows and curtains along with a few other treasures.


 a milestone for ava...her first dentist appointment. the morning started a little rough and i almost cancelled the appointment but she literally turned into a polite, sweet, little listener as soon as she walked into the room. not sure what happened but girl did incredible. i was seriously so proud. she was not scared and did not even flinch as they cleaned her little teeth.


  1. Ava and her Hunter Rainboots! Just can't get over the cuteness! have a great monday!

  2. yay! glad ya liked the little package! O & this dentist pictures are lovely... i'm assuming my experience with grady will take on a different tale... but i can hope he'll be as chill as her ... we shall find out tuesday!


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