Monday, April 30, 2012

i hate the new blogger.

i have no idea why blogger would change what seemed to work just fine. all i know is that i am having a hard time even finding my own blog and an even harder time figuring out how to post what i write. but here we are. finally.

so randomly when we got home from visiting the wright family i decided to begin potty training ava. not sure why. it is not like me at all to just start something. i usually like to have a game plan and a few good reasons as to why i do what i do. but not this time. we went to target for some groceries because i had a coupon and decided to let her pick out a new little potty. i am cheap (about really random things) so i told her to pick out one of the potty seats that set on the toilet. she chose dora the explorer. after much debate between that and elmo. she told me tonight when we were reading an elmo book before bed..."oh, mom i just love elmo." but after a little back and forth she decided on dora. so we began lots of potty talk...such as picking out skittles for her..."i just went potty like a big girl" treat. she was mad that she could not have them immediately while in the aisles of target. off to a good start with the ol' potty reward system. finally she stopped screaming for..."ittles mommy. ittles mommy" throughout most of target and we headed home. although i write my grocery list on my phone i forgot a few things so we stopped at walmart quick. i decided from target to walmart that we needed two potty for each floor. this time she picked tinkerbell and seemed confident in her decision. so we headed home to begin the potty endeavor. it went surprising well. she sat on her tinkerbell seat and peed like five times. but i realized in this 30 minute span that it was annoying to not be able to actually see her pee since she pees like as much as mouse i feel like. so after unloading groceries we went back. we went back to target and walmart because i am crazy. returned dora to target and bought an actual legit potty chair from walmart. a frog potty chair actually. home we went. without really looking into how to potty train a little girl..i stripped off her pants and sister ran around nakes and no accidents. all luck. i am well aware. today same game and one little accident. i ran upstairs to put away some laundry and i heard from the babysit..."sorry mommy. sorry mommy." cleaned it up and i appreciated that she felt a little bad about peeing through her big girl panties. today we were mostly home to really set her up well for the whole potty training but we did need to go see the doctor for an ear infection follow up and just as i thought...still infected.  got some new medicine and headed home for some good time with daddy.

i realize that nothing i am sharing tonight is that profound...but it is real. right now our focus is on learning to pee in a potty. not that exciting. but it is real and it is where we at. fell in love with her a little deeper tonight too. not sure what happened...but there was this moment...she was laying on me (rarely happens) we were talking about how proud i was of her and then is said, "you know what?" and without missing a beat she said..."that i your favorite girl." done and done. we get each other. i am thankful for today because of where i have come from this weekend (a little lost in where i am and what i am about. that post is for another day. maybe wednesday).

looking forward to my show on bravo. i should be embarrassed because bravo is trashy. i know that. but i like it. hope it is not a poor reflection of who i am.

happy monday. no pictures on this post (hope you understand why).

i am inspired recently when it comes to our house and some new decor. if you want some new curtains to get yourself inspired enter this giveway. i just did.


  1. I also am having lots of touble with the 'new' blogger format. Still haven't had to figure it out all the way, since I have a bookmark that lets me access the old format. Wonder how long that will work???

    Learning to potty pee pee is HUGE! You'll remember it, and she'll want to hear about it when she's grown. Potty training stories are fun around here!

  2. I have no idea how to post or edit. I can't resize photos to my specifications anymore, and what the edit mode shows is nothing like the way it really ends up as. Do I really have to use html every single time I want to make an alteration that would have taken me seconds the day before? This is terrible! How can I move my blog to a better service?


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