Sunday, November 24, 2013

Self promoting. Is that ok?

So I got an email that one of the editors at nominated the blog as a part of 2013 best health blogs. Now because this blog is not totally about health per say I looked into it...

Thankfully I realized that this contest includes blogs under these categories: fitness, mental health, weight loss, health and oh, blogs. I would put us under that category. So basically anyone can nominate anyone who has a blog they like and feels is worthy of the title "best health blog." I will be the first to admit that my blog doesn't really pertain to weight loss or fitness but my heart is that the blog does focus on an overall theme of living a healthy life under the framework of family, kids, decor, life, my heart, the lord, a little cancer, marriage, friends, etc. the whole overall picture of life.

If you would like to vote for us you can. First prize is $1,000 and the contest ends on 1/20/14. You can vote once a day until then. This is sorta my attempt at redemption when Ava didn't win that animal noises contest. Even though so many of you faithfully voted. We got robbed. Haha. 

this whole self promotion thing feels a little silly but I thought why not. We have a family of readers out there and it could be cool to win a little blog contest. 

You can find our blog at by searching or sorting alphabetically.

Let's see how dont waste your cancer of your life does in this contest. I would feel fancy and grateful if we won. Thanks readers and friends.

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  1. I tried ... but I don't have facebook or twitter!! Sorry!!
    I hope you win ... you deserve it!! :)


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