Wednesday, October 23, 2013


tomorrow i am headed to south carolina with my friend, elizabeth for a little blog/women/Jesus conference. It's called allume and you can check it out at i have never gone to anything real i am excited for what's in store. truly i am. hanging with elizabeth and getting to sleep in for a few days is enticing enough but i have been really praying it will be a time of refuge and conversations and finding my voice. i have been a bit lost with the whole writing thing lately and hopefully that this weekend could provide some direction. 

we also bought house. after renting for 6.5 years we are homeowners. it is such a joy and i am anxious for the projects and new decor to begin.

happy wednesday. i will be sure to instagram all weekend so if you want to check it out i am @libbyryder.

first thing to go...that peach door.


  1. Continuing to find your voice is so important Libby...but please know that your voice is heard and loved. I am such a fan of you and your beautiful family. You have been on my prayers list since the day I found your blog and I love following your IG feed. Your girls are so lucky to have such a strong, amazing woman like you to call Mama. I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference. Sending many prayers and hugs to you. ...and I LOVE THE PICTURE! Congratulations on the house (and're rockin that outfit like its nobody's business!) LOVE It!

  2. I love your posts and wish you wrote more often! Congrats on the new house! Have fun decorating!

  3. Congrats Libby! :) I emailed you last week did you get it?

  4. Libby - I loved meeting you at Allume, and I love your blog! I wish I'd visited here earlier because we could have had even more to talk about. We just bought a home in August after renting for 6.5 years! What is up with that coincidence? :) Looking forward to more time hanging out with you online!


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