Monday, August 19, 2013

A little look at lyla's nursery.

Her room is not done. She is 7 months old and it's not done. But after a few pictures finally get hung along with three ikea shelves and the accessorizing is compete it
will be finished. But then I will start thinking about her big girl room (speaking of Ava's is in the works currently as well and i will post a preview tomorrow).

I tend to keep things pretty neutral around our house but decided to go bold with Lyla's room. A lot of yellow and pink while accenting with white black, grey, tangerine and turquoise. That seems like a lot of accent colors once i wrote them all down but oh, well...

But the brightness of her room seems appropriate as our sweet girl as taught us all a lot about joy. She smiles all the time and is currently cracking up at her big sister as I type this post. I am grateful for how she as helped us weather the storm of this past Christmas.

Nursery details without links. Sorry

Rug: urban outfitters
Drapes: my mom made
Crib skirt: fabric hobby lobby and made by my mother.
Bumper/sheet/changing pad/hamper: pottery barn kids: the Harper collection.
Toy/book container: ikea
Lamps: major clearance tj maxx
Pillows: 2 black from target and the rest my mother made and had the yellow one monogrammed.
Letter L: joann fabric and my mother covered with extra crib fabric and added the piping.
Poms: Pomlove (extras from Ava's room)
Dresser knobs: hobby lobby
Personalized prints: my friend Angie at
Diaper holder: tj maxx
Frames: target and tj maxx
Comforter: target already owned form 6 years ago.
3 wall shelves: pier one a long time ago and spray painted.
Pink mirror: recycled from Ava's room

The large print above her bed is actually Ava...had a photo shoot on vacation last week so i will replace it with a picture of Lyla as well as filling a few more frames in her room.

I have a constant case of not being able to create what I envision in my head but I am hopeful once it's totally finished I will love it even more.

Enjoy. Also I am open to decor suggestion so leave a comment.

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  1. Love Lyla's room!! You have done such a nice job decorating it. Have fun with your two cuties. Love, Aunt Deb


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