Monday, April 22, 2013

still here. i swear.

wanted to drop in. not sure where i went. but i am here and we are doing well. a few concerned readers email me. thank you for caring about family. basically i am tired and so behind on my notes for work that blogging is taking a real backseat right now. i do want it to come back. but feeling like i have nothing to say and that i am not sure the direction the blog is going. i need a little vision. justin and i are trying to get back on the same page. a nice long walk on saturday morning helped to jump start the whole...i love you but sometimes i don' really like you. that is a little bit of where we have been and moving in the direction of liking each other a bit more.

lyla smiles all the time. she is not sleeping through the night yet but we are heading in that direction.

ava got a new scooter today and finished up gymnastics class. dance is starting soon. she wore tinker bell wings to the grocery store. i swore i would never allow something like that but when i see the joy that her dress up clothes seem to bring to her...i roll with it.

the girls and i had quite the travel experience last week. will share that lengthy story this week with a few good pictures. i like adventures with my girls. 


  1. "I love you but sometimes I really don't like you." Can totally relate. I've got two girls of my own (1 and 3) are a busy lady! Just wanted you to know you aren't alone. :)

  2. Not alone at all! Marriage and being a mom is hard work!

  3. after being married for 25 years 2 daughters 21 and 23...when I talk to young married people my words of wisdom are "ALWAYS" you will not "like" him/her everyday that is normal "love" is always there. Take one day at a time this really is the best time of your life. Relax your a mother and a wife not superwomen xoxoxo

  4. No need to apologize! We will still be just have life going on:) totally understandable! Just know we are here.


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