Thursday, February 7, 2013

two years.

tomorrow it will be the two year anniversary of my last chemo
and to celebrate one day early we got the results of my PET scan today:

in the midst of deep grief, sleepless nights, some baby blues, watching a lot of friday night lights, learning how to be a mom to two little ladies, falling in love with lyla and loving ava in a whole new way. it has been a roller coaster of emotions. lots of tears and i kind of cry a lot. 

today was full of joy. the relief of hearing our dr say: the scan was clear.
i really have no words to describe how thankful my heart is tonight. not only did this once cancer filled body beat cancer, but carried a baby again, and is now not just celebrating continued healing my sweet friend just wrote down in a little card..."the Lord healed you so you could give life to your precious little Lyla." it really is gift to be healthy and strong even though i have felt so weak and sad these past body is healed and lyla is here and she is healthy and she has her mom.

tonight we celebrate.

justin spent most of the day with ava while i got my scan. he's not allowed back in the room with me. little girl did great with a bottle for the first time (can't nurse for 6-8 hrs after scan or hold lyla for 2-4 hrs). justin is the best dad. he did so well with his girl.

 i took this picture and i was real jealous.
finally back in her mama's arms. oh, baby i love you.

be back tomorrow with a super fun giveaway 
and a remembering where we were and where we are now.


  1. Words fail. So incredibly grateful for your news. I love you.

  2. Two years ago I ran a race for you. Tonight I'll watch Friday Night Lights for you. I hope it helps! ;)

  3. woo hoo! i'm so happy for you and your sweet family.

  4. YAY!!!!!!! So incredibly happy for you!

  5. Rejoicing with you! In your darkest moments during your cancer, would you ever have been able to see this moment coming? Mom to two perfect little girls and cancer free! God has been so good to you.

  6. such wonderful news! your baby girls are precious! loving you all from KY!

  7. Thank you load for another blessing.Terri from Indiana


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