Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Using blogs...

Dropping in real quick this morning before everyone gets up and the day begins. If you own a little shop or make items that would be great for Christmas gifts and want to share them
on the blog email me. Blogs are great ways to get your shop out there and right now is the best shopping season of the year. If you are interested email me at libbyryderblog@gmail.com. I will be launching a Christmas gift idea post on dec. 1st so be in touch.

Enjoy today. Hopefully the school week and work week are winding down and rest is in sight.

A few pictures from our break so far:


  1. Hey girl I'm going to send you some crafted in grace info! Great idea, thanks ;)

  2. I have read some entries on your blog, and I think that your story is very inspiring. Has your journey to remission been difficult?

  3. Libby, you look wonderful and the picture of a healthy pregnancy. Miss Karen


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