Wednesday, October 24, 2012

right now.

Not much happening this week. Well actually so much is happening that I end up crying a few times a day. but really it is less about being busy or having too much to do but its just that I feel too tired to do it. Mostly it is because I miss my husband who is gone for work and Ava pooped her pants at the social security office. Yup for no reason she decided to not ask to go the bathroom and instead pooped in her panties and pulled her pants down in the waiting room. Did I mention we were there because someone threw a rock through my car window and stole my purse a couple weeks ago so we were just getting some new important information that someone decided to steal from us. Just one of those weeks I guess. My heart burn is back and I feel like I stuff myself into my clothes. Loose clothes. I vow to only wear loose clothing. Don't usually come to the blog to vent and complain but today it seemed appropriate. Mostly because I have had blog on my list for the past few days and everything that had far more meaning and significance seemed a little fake. since I just sat down to write and could not stop crying because Ava has decided to not listen to a single word that has come out of my mouth in the past 48 hrs and is mildly obsessed with cartoons and gets really mad really easily. Girl is strong and feisty and wants to do everything on her own. Like walk around to the driver seat and unlock my door and then unlock her door and begs to drive every time we enter the car. As if my answer is going to change from the last time she asked? Ava you are still not 16. Could go on and on with the calamities of this week but it just seems narcissistic and annoying. I promise next time you come back to read it will matter a bit more than discussing were Ava pooped most recently.


  1. I kind-of love this post. Thanks for just telling it like it is. If it helps, my kid is walking around with a snotty nose, eating raisins off the floor, and watching cartoons as I read blogs, inside - on this beautiful afternoon! :)

    Hang in there girl!! Tomorrow is a new day.

  2. Thinking of you Mama. Know there are many thinking and praying for you. Also, Ava being independent and strong willed is such a good sign of parenting. Although it may be a pain, challenging and very frustrating at times- later on in life you will be so proud! Hugs from afar!

  3. I'm sorry little Ava pooped her pants and won't listen ... I've never met you, but I gander Ava gets that strong will from her Mama! And I *love* that she keeps asking to drive. I have never heard of a child so young asking to drive. That is about the most precious thing I have ever heard.
    Things always look better in the morning.

  4. Don't be sorry about this post Libby. It is real everyday life. My grand daughter is doing all of the same things. I know it is frustrating. But, trust me when I say. You will look back at these moments and laugh. Or, wonder how you ever got through them. I really loved this post. It made me smile. My daughter just gave birth to her third and last child, a son. He is a few days old. She had the worst heartburn. Some days were so hard for her carrying this baby. Hang in there Libby and thanks for being real. Keeping you in my prayers!


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