Friday, August 17, 2012

check up and ava.

yesterday i took a little drive. about an hour away to the UVA cancer center. this was the first appointment i have gone to alone. it was my choice. i had already cancelled the appointment in july b/c we are gone so much so when it was rescheduled to yesterday and justin was at wyldlife camp (young life for middle school students) i knew i would do this one alone and i felt ready. mostly because i am not having any symptoms or anything that is cause for concern. they just like to keep tabs on me and get some blood work and then feel around for any lumps. all is clear and it will never get old. the whole..."everything looks great libby." although i was not anticipating hearing anything different it does put my heart at rest to know that i am healthy. healthy enough to be growing a little baby inside me. i am 18.5 weeks and feeling good. i love chips and salsa and pickles. they seem to be two consistent food items i am always ready to eat. other than that i just feel a little bit slower. i am anxious to find out what we are having in the next couple weeks and then i can begin the nursery planning and figuring out if we can use ava's clothes or if we are starting at square one with a little boy. either way i am good to go.


ava is growing up. for real this little girl is saying funny stuff and her personality is so evident. she is mostly like her daddy. pretty much everyone says she looks like justin...but with my lips.

she is busy. active. and a little crazy sometimes. she is for sure our little extrovert. she will be relaxed with me and the second people show up she is showing off, singing, and running around ready to go.

some things i do not want to forget about ava at 2.5 yrs:

favorite food: bagel and cream cheese. any form of cheese. dora the explorer yogurt. oj, lemonade, water, milk, and sprite on special occasions. blueberries. bananas. popsicles all day everyday if she could. the basics: mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs. not a huge veggie fan so we are working on that. loves guacamole and black beans. we are a chipotle eating family.

favorite songs:  call me maybe. we are young and bunny songs my mom taught her.

favorite shows: mickey mouse clubhouse, max and ruby, and cailou.

favorite dvd: clifford. curious george. strawberry shortcake.

obsessed with: being a ballerina. dancing. singing. lip gloss. nail polish and doing things all by herself.  she is for sure our little independent woman.

funny things she says: "i am going to rough you up" (daddy taught her that while they were play wrestling) "i need a second." "where are we going?" "what time is it?" (over and and over and over)

currently: sleeps in a crib (she LOVES it). not potty trained (our goal is by the time the baby arrives). barely has any hair and is called a boy 9 times out of 10 (regardless of what she is wearing. ie pink does not seem to help people). still allergic to: eggs, peanuts, and mustard (in turn when she is playing with her kitchen everything she makes is peanut butter).

we you not the best at: sharing, sometimes push, and take things from others. you get easily frustrated if you can't figure something out.

what you are real good at: manners. putting on our shoes. listening (most of the time). coloring. "reading" books, singing. dancing. smiling. giving hugs and kisses. remembering who people since she seems to meet new people everyday. traveling. sleeping all sorts of places. making friends. talking and your deep concern for others when they appear sad or upset. i have prayed for you to have heart that is full of compassion and empathy. i hope it only grows deeper and deeper.

ava. my sweet and active little girl. i am thankful we have you and our family will only have one of you. what a gift that is. i am thankful for your spirit and desire for adventure. i love that we are a little team and you want to go everywhere with me but the second daddy comes home you become more interested in him than me...i am okay with that. you are beautiful. to daddy and i you are the most stunning little girl. your big blue eyes, smile, laugh, high energy level and gusto for life are what make you are tough. sometimes too tough. but i am thankful you are strong. i think i may have given you some of my strength and i am thankful for that. as we anticipate a new little baby joining our family please know began with you. well with mom and dad first and then you. but you made me a mother. a fighter. hopefully a more patient and understanding person. thank you for what you have taught me and for giving me a reason to fight. i will never stop fighting to show you what matters in life and what it is all about. we hope you see Jesus in our life. how you learn. what you learn. how to treat people and that a heart that overflows with love will change everything. you changed everything. you are going to make a great big sister.

off to the harrisonburg fair. i love sketchy rides and elephant ears. hopefully our night will have both. happy friday. belly picture to come. i promise. it's not that great yet...basically i have just grown everywhere. ah, the joys of pregnancy.

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  1. Libby congrats on another "all clear" appointment! Hooray! and congrats on becoming a momma for the second time! I have heard over and over again, that if you are craving dill pickles it is a good chance you are having a boy! I have multiple friends that only craved them when they were having a boy! so maybe!


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